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Raising responsible children in our homes and societies (Part 2)

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As parents, we are obligated to raise responsible children. Yes, it is the desire of parents to see their children turn out great. But, the responsibility of ensuring our children become the best form of themselves is on us.


Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it (The Holy Bible, Proverbs 22:6). This bible verse tells us that children come to us plain. Whatever we put or allow to get into them is what we will receive. It’s like garbage in, garbage out.

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The society has a huge role to play in the upbringing of any child. Therefore, adults and parents or families must model the values they want the little ones to pick up and run with. This is not a one-family affair, no. Every family should give parenting what it takes. If not for anything, for a better society and families in the near future. At least people from one family will marry from another family. Hence, the need for all families to raise responsible children.

In continuation to what it takes to raise responsible children, the nuggets below add to it. To fully understand what it takes to raise responsible children, please read the first article here.

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    #4.    Dedication


    It also takes dedication to raise responsible children. You can’t delegate parenting of your children to outsiders like teachers, childminders, nannies, or house helps. You have to be present and dedicated to the cause.


    Parenting is not a joke. Your presence alone changes things. There are certain things your children can’t do just because you are around. That’s how much your presence means and matters.


    I plead with parents to be dedicated to the upbringing of their children. Parenting is not for the rich or the poor but for every parent. Make the values your children need to grow and thrive a priority.


    You will give your time and energy to anything you love or things that matter to you. Please dedicate yourself to raising responsible children. Be intentional about it.

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    #5.    Patience


    Patience, they say, is a virtue. Can children get on your nerves? Yes! Can they do senseless things? Yes! Can they act awkwardly sometimes? Yes! There are tonnes of misbehaviours you will deal with while raising children, and you need patience to be able to pull through.


    Time heals almost everything. You need both patience and time for your children to outgrow some senseless behaviours.

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    Be patient with your children. They don’t mean to disrespect you sometimes; they are only being curious. So, be patient! For example, my son used to shake his head in disagreement when I tell him to do some things, but the same person goes straight up to do just what I told him. You need patience to deal with these lovely little human beings.


    Children can make mistakes or be slow in learning. You need patience to accommodate their shortcomings and excesses. By the time you are done with parenting, you will be transformed as well.


    Someone once said parenting teaches you patience. It is true. You also need to be patient with yourself in the process.

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    #6.     Ethics


    As humans, we are governed by values and ethics. Our moral standards define the sort of society we will end up having.


    People across the globe are governed by their cultures and ethical values. As parents, you need to have quality values that govern your family, including the upbringing of your children. Likewise, you need to pass down the ethical values of your culture and family to your children. Irrespective of where you are or live, they need to know their root.


    How do you teach your children ethics? Learn how here. In addition to the article attached here, you need to lead and live by example. Children copy what they see. So raise your girl and boy child well to respect each gender and work together as a team and not as rivals.


    The ethics you instil in your children will form the bedrock of their value system. It will also determine the values that govern their lives as adults, people in the society and parents when their time come.

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    "You need patience to accommodate their shortcomings and excesses. By the time you are done with parenting, you will be transformed as well."
    #7.    Lots more


    There are several other attributes that go into raising responsible children. As parents, we urge you to sit down with your spouse and outline the measures you will take in raising your children to become responsible people in your family and the society at large.


    Take clues from your childhood and determine what will work for you. Learn from your parents, research, read books and articles like this one, and most importantly, inspire yourself.


    When it comes to raising responsible children, you have to sacrifice your time and work (sometimes) for you to achieve the sort of result that you want to see in your children.


    Please do whatever it will take to raise your children properly. First, if you can quit work for a while, please do it. Secondly, if you need to reduce your working hours, please do so, as the lives of your next generation and lineage are at stake here.

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    The feeling you get when you know fully well that you have given parenting your best is so fulfilling. Even though your children veer off the right path you showed them, the chances they will return to their default setting of proper home upbringing is very high. They will always know deep down that something is wrong somewhere and then seek to return to their real selves and not what they have become due to bad choices or peer pressure.


    We need to raise responsible children for the betterment of our society. We should have done this since yesterday, but the next best time is now.


    Let all hands be on deck as we jointly raise responsible children. Ensure you dazzle while at it!

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