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Do you really want to sacrifice your family on the altar of career? How much do you value your personal and professional relationships? Are you struggling with issues regarding raising children? Do you have life-transforming stories and insights on the subject of family, relationships, and children? Do you need someone to talk to regarding these issues - Dazzling Insights is here for you. 

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Uchenna Ikeanyi

Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

"...a child is gradually filled up as he or she develops in defined environments with specific people. Aside from genetic factors which account for traits picked by a child from both parents, grooming happens to be the next measure for raising a child in the right or wrong way." 
This is an excerpt from Uchenna's latest article. Uchenna Ikeanyi brings to light the different grooming dimensions that parents can adopt to make sure that they raise wholistic children. We invite you to read Uchenna's article as you keep raising your children.

Watch out for her next Post on

"Maximising the different levels of grooming a total child"

Coming up on 16.11.2022

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