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"Whatever you do, focus on the most important things in life and stay happy"

-Dazzling Insights

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Our vision is to reach out to billions of families across the globe. Irrespective of our different cultures and beliefs, we are in this together, raising the next generation and we need each other to pull through.


Our mission is to bring healing and restoration to homes and relationships across the globe through sharing insights. We live in a time where the world's systems tend to tear families and relationships apart.  


We focus on family, relationships, and raising children.


We talk what matters!


Family is a great gift and thus deserves all attention, love, & care. Let's talk...



Life functions via the networks of our relationships. Let's share more insights on this vital topic.


Raising Children

Children are super-fun to be with, but they aren't always cute! Raising them can be challenging sometimes. Let's get real on this.



Sometimes, just sharing your thoughts and experiences to a listening ear might be all you need. We are here for you.


Meet your Dazzling Insights Founder

Dazzling Insights is dedicated to sharing and discussing insights on issues relating to families, relationships, and raising of children in our present-day society. I developed this platform to spark off conversations on what really matters through blog posts.


Ijeoma Silas



I am Ijeoma Silas - a wife, mum, and a life coach.

I am really passionate about having conversations on real-life issues (i.e. ...what really matters in life). I like giving talks, writing about, and discussing real issues surrounding families, sustainable human relationships (both personal and professional), and raising children in our current society.

I developed this platform to bring together thoughts on issues that families, relationships, and children face globally at different stages of their lives. I hope this brings hope, healing, restoration, and unparalleled insights to our teeming audience.

Being real about life is what I am best at. I would like to work with you while we share thoughts on families, relationships, and raising kids. So, get in here, and let's talk what really matters.

It's about Dazzling Insights...Let's dazzle together!

Meet your Dazzling Guest Writers

  • dazzling_insights_Sarah_Udoh

    Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

    Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner is a Nigerian-born writer of poetry and prose. Her work covers the highs and lows of the human heart. Sarah writes thought-provoking true-life-based stories which are showcased in her creative works. She has published many books and countless articles.

    She holds a BA (Hons) in Diplomatic Studies, and MA in Professional Writing from University College Falmouth, Cornwall, the UK. Sarah is a member of The Society of Authors, UK.

  • dazzling_insights_asipa_olalekan

    Olalekan Asipa

    Olalekan Asipa is a personal finance coach, an author and an engineer. He is passionate about helping people get out of debt, grow their income and gain financial freedom.

    Olalekan believes everyone should improve their financial knowledge, as this will help shape their decisions on their finances. He is married with two beautiful daughters.

  • dazzling_insights_Chidimma_Oladipupo

    Chidimma Oladipupo

    Chidimma Oladipupo is a mother of two, social media strategist and content creator with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. She is passionate about using social media for good, getting her voice heard and connecting with others. 

    She is the founder of THE MOM CONVERSATION®a motherhood blog on Instagram dedicated to highlighting the truth and realities of motherhood.

  • dazzling-insights-phoebe-anane

    Phoebe Ayeley

    Phoebe runs a dynamic platform called ‘The Phoebe Way’, where she helps migrants to successfully settle-in in Germany. Phoebe is a friendly and approachable person, and yet very professional at what she does. Please feel free to reach out to Phoebe via her social media handles.

  • Olúwabùsáyọ̀_Mádaríọlá_dazzling-insights

    Olúwabùsáyọ̀ Mádaríọlá

    Olúwabùsáyọ̀ Mádaríọlá, a full-time writer and author residing in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, is a former banker with several years of experience in operations and trade services. She is passionate about people activating their potentials, especially the female gender. 

    Olúwabùsáyọ̀ focuses on what she can contribute to the people around her. She is the author of “The Lady of the Glass House”. She loves reading and writing.

  • DI_Mmeti_Akpan

    Mmeti Akpan

    Mmeti Akpan is a network engineer, entrepreneur, writer, educator, and the founder of Mema Family Care—a Nigerian family-owned company that produces quality family care products to homes and businesses.

    Mmeti is enthusiastic about fighting unemployment in Nigeria from his experience in numerous industries in Sydney, Australia. While also putting money back into the economy and rewarding customers with various reward systems as a way of giving back to the society.

  • 12-budgeting-tips-for-families_dazzling-insights_6

    Asha Gilliam

    Asha Gilliam is a mompreneur, author, educator, and oatmeal raisin cookie lover dedicated to helping mothers become the mom they once dreamed they’d be to their children. She is based in the USA.

    Asha created a unique concept of M.E.O (Mommy Executive Officer). In addition to being the MEO of her family, she is also the CEO of the Expanding with Asha, LLC. Her goal is to inspire moms to become the victor of their life's story by showing them what’s possible by taking back control of their lives.

  • dazzling-insights-esther-okoloeze

    Esther Okoloeze

    Esther Okoloeze is a writer, editor and writing life coach. She has been writing for several years now and recently published her first novel, “Red Roses, Stained Glasses” —a contemporary African romance fiction.

    Esther loves to read and write stories. Her blog—under rework—filled with personal adventures and inspiring contents on diverse themes is proof of her love for the writing life. She is the organizer of the Flourishing Writers Webinar®, a quarterly online masterclass for beginner writers in the freelance space to start and grow their career.

  • Dazzling-insights-jessica-iwayemi

    Jessica Iwayemi

    Jessica Iwayemi is a professional copywriter. To some, she is known as Mummy, and to others as Babe, Jess, or Madam (take your pick).  She works in an Advertising Firm during the day, and at night and weekends, she mommys.

    In her words, “I’d like to add some more cool facts, but my little humans called.” Some of Jessica’s works can be found on Instagram: @mom_toons and @intoxyka

  • Sam-Pic-DI

    Sam Edoho

    Sam Edoho is a UK-based business consultant and technology expert who helps businesses achieve sustainable financial growth. Sam's expertise span across Technology, Fintech, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Financial Crime, Project Finance and Entrepreneurship.  

    Are you interested in starting or growing your existing business? Please feel free to contact Sam for business and digital marketing tips.

  • Dazzling-Insights-Lacie-Wever

    Lacie Wever

    Lacie Wever is a wife, mom, and an eco-conscious mom blogger! She works as an Environmental Educator for a local agency in Virginia, USA. Lacie maximises her spare time by blogging, enjoying her family, and reading.

    Lacie’s passion for the environment began in high school while reading the book ‘Silent Spring’. Since then, she has been at the frontline of adjusting her lifestyle to decrease negative impact on the Earth while still living life to the fullest. Learn more about Lacie’s work at BrainsBibsandBiz.com

  • DI_Yemi_3_profile

    Yemi Ayodeji

    Mrs. Opeyemi Ayodeji is a teacher, mother, content creator, and a personal growth enthusiast. She has a bachelor's degree in Economics Education. She is an advocate for the girl-child emancipation, and she is passionate about helping young women discover their purpose.

    Yemi shares amazing life lessons and personal growth content on her YouTube channel - girl to mom. She uses YouTube as a platform to inspire young women to own their lives, to live up to their potentials, and to be their best selves.

  • Image

    Bunmi Alabi

    Bunmi Alabi is a seasoned Relationship Expert and Coach. She has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of youths and singles in Nigeria, where she resides. Bunmi is also a certified Mental Health Counsellor.

    She is the founder of Single and Special®, a platform for singles between ages 20 and 40. With this platform, she helps them build healthy relationships and challenges them to invest in personal development. She can be reached through her consulting platform – Bunmi Alabi®.

  • Image

    Unwana Mbede

    Unwana Mbede is a seasoned Journalist, Marriage Counsellor, Pastor and Author. Pastor Mbede is a graduate of Communication Arts from the University of Uyo. He currently serves as the CEO of Twin Heart Foundation® – an organisation focused on providing resources for building formidable marriages.

    Unwana presents 'Soul Recharge' on Radio and also oversees an online marriage and relationship mentoring platform (Love Whispers Club®). He is the Lead Pastor of the King's Bride Family®, Nigeria.

  • being-a-Career-Woman-Mother-and-Wife-Tips-from-My-Daily-Experiences

    Gbemi Ibrahim

    Gbemi Ibrahim is a human resources management professional, writer, editor, and fashion enthusiast. Her experiences span the banking, telecommunications and non-governmental (think-tank) sectors.

    She is the founder of VickibraH, a hub for writers, editors and TEFL teachers. Gbemi is also the managing consultant at HR On Deck Services Limited. Currently, she is the Head of Human Resources and Academy at The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).

  • How to foster healthy relationships-tested and proven nuggets

    Uchenna Ikeanyi

    Ms Uchenna Ikeanyi is a relationship counsellor, and a seasoned human resources practitioner with over 13 years’ experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Literary Studies, and a master’s degree in Industrial and Labour Relations.

    Ms Ikeanyi’s knack for organisation and strategic planning, and her education have supported her impeccable career in the financial and education sectors. She is harnessing her passion to see more successful families and relationships.

  • Dazzling Insights_GW55

    Deborah Hutchison

    Deborah Hutchison is a problem solver, former teacher, published author, & an award-winning filmmaker. She sits on the Board of Directors of William Woods University, USA. Deborah emphasises the need for honest and clear communication when dealing with family members and friends.

    Deborah's interests include empowering women through 'Gutsy Gals Inspire Me' - an online community of women of all ages who convene to inspire and be inspired, fundraising, family, and her four-footed gutsy gal.

  • Tom_white copy

    Tom Ekpo

    Tom Ekpo is a Teens Life Coach at The Citadel Global Community Church®, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a professional copyeditor, proof-reader, and a prolific writer. 

    Tom is the CEO of TACT Editorial House® - a foremost editorial organisation  that provides professional content development, copyediting, proofreading and copywriting services for individuals and corporate clients.

  • Ijeoma Lucy Ekpo_pix

    Lucy Ijeoma Ekpo

    Ms. Lucy Ijeoma Ekpo is passionate about health and everything regarding nutrition. She has a BSc (Zoology) and a Diploma degree in child nutrition and cooking. Lucy loves exploring new culinary tastes. 

    Ms. Ekpo is the CEO of Cinistaste N Treats - a food creation company based in Nigeria. She started a food page to show and encourage people to appreciate diverse meals despite their origin. She believes that making the right food choices is a solid foundation to life-long health.

  • Grace_Ilori_2

    Dr. Grace C. Ilori

    Dr. Grace Chinenye Ilori is a dedicated and trained special needs educator. She has a Ph.D in Special Education. Dr. Ilori serves as a teacher and interventionist for children with special needs and their families for over 7 years. She currently consults and trains teachers on special needs' best practices.

    Dr. Ilori's interests include helping children with special needs reach their potential as well as supporting their families. She enjoys her spare time with her family, reads, volunteers and travels.

  • Does_my_fashion_sense_and_appearance_matter_in_my_relationships_2

    Gedah Etefia

    Pastor Gedah Etefia is the CEO of Church Girl Africa Initiative, the Lead Editor of Church Girl Magazine® & a Co-Pastor at The Community Church® Calabar, Nigeria. Her career revolves around editing, fashion, style inspiration, and public speaking.

    Gedah believes that fashion and words can create, destroy, or fix situations. She desires to change the face of fashion in the Christian communities worldwide, by creating an understanding that you can be both chic and churchy, godly and lovely, faithful and fashionable.