Benefits of a family being and living together

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The beauty of a family lies in the togetherness. What is a family without its members being and living together? This question is not to judge families, who for one reason or the other can’t be and live together, but to make people understand the importance and benefits of a family being/living together.

Before you take up that job offer in another country or city, have you thought of how the move will impact your family? Families living apart due to work, studies, or other reasons can have a substantial psychological impact on everyone in the family, especially the children.

For some others, who might think that they don’t need a man or a woman to raise their children, I think you might need a rethink. Everyone needs someone, especially in a family setting. Family is everything no matter how you look at it. When all is said and done, all you have got is (your) family. Don’t deprive yourself and your children (if any) the benefits of a family living together.

Some of the benefits of a family being/living together include:

#1.      Getting a great support

A family is a place where you get a good measure of support that you might not be able to get anywhere else. A family thrives in unity, and this unity is rooted in love and support. Families should aim at supporting one another.

With the support of one’s family, one can achieve a lot. Let no one take his/her family’s support for granted. If you are living apart from your family without any strong reason, make plans to be reunited with your family. Never underestimate the extent to which family members’ physical presence can impact your well-being and family relationship.

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    #2.      Companion

    One is truly not meant to walk through this life alone. A family gives you the companionship you need to go through life. Enjoy the company of your family, especially your spouse and children. Avoid seeing their presence as a disturbance or disruption.

    Having someone to talk to, and share your life’s journey with, is a blessing one should always be grateful for. Also, coming home not to an empty house, but, one with people who genuinely love and care about you might be, in essence, all you need.

    The companion that a family gives is such that touches the soul. Money and affluence can’t buy it. Please, don’t get so busy that you miss out on the moments. Enjoy being and living together with your (very own) people.

    #3.      It gives your children a balanced perspective

    This is one of the important essences of a family being and living together. It gives the children a balanced perspective. They learn gender differences and roles, love, respect and other values when the family is together. Yes, kids can learn these virtues even when the family is apart, but it is easier to learn and become what you have seen than what you are told or haven’t seen.

    Children learn by copying what they see. So, I urge parents to model the virtues they want to see in their children at home. Provide a balanced perspective for your children by being there for your family.

    Fun activities that families can enjoy together
    #4.        Team work

    Teamwork is one of the benefits of a family being and living together. Nothing gets work done like teamwork. Some families are enjoying teamwork without even realising it. It feels good to know that the roles and burdens of a family do not just rest on the shoulders of one person or parent, but they are distributed amongst the members.

    Teamwork encourages communication and togetherness. It helps one realise that he/she is working for the common good of the family. It relieves one from certain stress and worry that comes from having to do all the family errands alone.

    Have a team-spirit and get along with your spouse and children. One will chase a thousand, but two will chase ten thousand (The Holy Bible: Deuteronomy 32:30). Reason it and do the math!

    In a family where there is no teamwork, the family relationship starts disintegrating.

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    #5.      It saves resources

    Families will save a good sum (if not a lot) of money and other resources when they are together. You don’t just enjoy the company of your family; you also save resources. Imagine paying two different house rents and having other things in double places as well because you are apart.

    You will spend a lot and not save resources because you live apart. Weigh your options first before resorting to living apart from your family.

    #6.      If gives one a sense of completion

    You will feel a sense of completion when you are with your family. There is this sense of peace in one’s heart upon remembering or knowing that his/her family is there.

    Living apart brings some worries and also some “could have, would have, and should have” situations. Blame games like “if you were here….. wouldn’t have happened”, also set in.

    Endeavour to have a sense of completion by being and living together with your family.

    "Before you take up that job offer in another country or city, have you thought of how the move will impact your family? Families living apart due to work, studies, or other reasons can have a substantial psychological impact on everyone in the family, especially the children."
    #7.      Unity and harmony

    Unity and harmony follow a happy family that understands the benefits of a family being together. When you are together, you can easily agree and walk together.

    Unity spells agreement, and a family cannot function if there is no agreement. When you spend time with your family, you are indirectly building unity level between you and your family.

    I encourage spouses and families to walk in unity. It pays.

    #8.      Long walk to forever 

    When you understand the benefits of a family living together, you will value and treat your family with prestige. You will ultimately know that it will be a long walk to forever, and it can only get better as you move on together.

    The knowledge of this long walk to forever will help you to do all you can for your family not to disintegrate. You will choose not to sacrifice your family on the altar of any career or life pursuits.

    Make up your mind to always be there for your family.

    It takes a family that is committed to being and living together to enjoy these benefits and some more. Of course, you can enjoy some of these benefits when you live apart but, make plans to reunite. In life, a family is all that truly matters! Be there for your family and enjoy the benefits thereof.

    Please, let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are, and other benefits families who are together can enjoy. Let’s continue to dazzle in our families.

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    1. `You are very right Aunty Yemi and all thanks to the author of this important benefit because you have just given me a helping hand in my holiday project. I got tips from other sites but your site is where I saw the most important benefits. All thanks to you.

    2. Being together with one’s family is so important, especially with the current situation in our world. Having to worry about the wellbeing of your loved ones when you are away is a big issue and it should be avoided, if possible. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Post

        Thank you for your comment Yemi. Families face different challenges per time, and living apart should be avoided at all cost. It’s really beneficial for families to live together, especially in the times we are in.

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