8 Reasons you should value planning and goal-setting in your family

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Adequate planning and goals setting make life flow smoothly. Just like the good old saying that if you fail to plan, then you have indirectly planned to fail. Planning is critical in all areas of life. If you don’t plan or have plans for your life, frivolities and other time-wasting activities will lead you to where you perhaps don’t want to be.


Sometimes in life, things don’t always go as planned, but it is better to plan, even when it doesn’t work out 100%, than not to plan at all. The detours that happen while following your plans are most likely there to teach you some lessons for the future. These sorts of lessons are important, and one should always take note of them.


Planning makes things run seamlessly. With planning and goal-setting, you will have a clear call-to-action on the things to focus your energy on per time. So I encourage you to start planning for your life and family today.


Families, couples and even individuals can imbibe the below-listed ways to plan for their lives/events beyond their control. Here are some of the ways you can plan:

#1.    Plan for your finances


Finances are needed for one’s survival in life. So, planning for one’s money is of great importance and can ultimately determine how far one can go in life. The best is to plan for the money before it comes, so that when it comes, it won’t be squandered.


First, think of ways to make money. Have a timeline for each action you intend to do to have some income coming in to you. Paid jobs, being self-employed or simply venturing into entrepreneurship are ways to make money.


Secondly, think of expansion. Expanding or multiplying your income to have other streams of income are great ways to arrive at financial independence state. It is up to you to determine how rich you want to be, after which you plan and map out actions to get you there eventually.


Planning for your finances is crucial. Without proper financial plans and goals, it will be quite challenging to achieve the rest of the plans on this list.


Please endeavour to get your finances in order. You can practise delayed gratification, which helps one to focus on the big picture –financial freedom.

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    #2.    Plan for emergencies


    Sometimes in life, things happen, or some events occur without pre-information. Everybody will have their share of impromptu situations at different phases of their lives. These events include sickness or accidents leading to disability or losing a family member, more so, the breadwinner.


    Understanding that these events are part of life is imminent that one plans ahead for them. This is not to wish oneself bad things but rather to walk in the knowledge of how life functions. For example, as an adult, you know that there is nothing like Santa Claus; it is only an illusion meant to deceive children and make them happy for a moment. So, walk in the knowledge of how life functions.


    Now, you can only plan for these events by setting aside some finances to handle that should in case they occur or when such finally happens. Therefore, have some emergency funds to fall back on when life happens.

    #3.    Plan for your holidays


    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This old saying also comes into play here. Family holidays are special times that create special and long-lasting memories for the family to savour for the rest of their lives.


    I encourage every family to intentionally plan for their holidays and have cherishable moments together as a family. You don’t just wake up and go on holiday. You plan for it! The year 2022 is around the corner; please plan for at least one holiday getaway with your family.


    Taking some time off work to unwind and spend time with the people you love is an act to carefully plan for. It is a good practice for the whole family. Not only do you learn something new, but you also start seeing things differently each time you go for a holiday.

    #4.    Plan for some family get-together/reunion


    Extended family members such as grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc., are also part of one’s life. Therefore, it is advisable that one plans for a family get-together once in a while to connect with one’s family. This is very important, especially if you have children as part of your family.


    Families need to learn to have good times every once in a while. It waters the family relationship and helps the family to be each other’s keepers. Simply put, these sorts of meetings unite the family.


    Again, you plan for this by setting aside some funds from your income for it. You would want you and your children to have a good time and feel good too, right? It requires some funds too. Plan, plan & plan again!

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    #5.    Plan for adventures


    Plan for some family adventures. This is not the same as a holiday, but it can be inculcated into your family holidays.


    Adventures involve doing things you have never done before. It can even extend to overcoming some long-standing phobia in the family. Achieving this also involve money, although it depends on the adventure, you want to embark on. The list ranges from hiking to flying, to visiting & exploring some places, camping, fishing, safari, etc.

    #6.    Plan for holiday seasons


    Holiday seasons such as Easter and Christmas are like constant ‘K’ seasons each year. Some families get stressed out trying to fix things and mark these holidays, while some others scale through via proper planning.


    Endeavour to plan these periods ahead of time so as to have a hitch-free celebration period. You need to plan these periods well, as it might involve other people coming around to celebrate with you.


    Families and children ought to have fun during the festive seasons. This can be only be achievable via proper planning. So get your paper and pen and get planning!


    #7.    Plan for succession and your children


    Families with children need to have concrete plans regarding their children and also their empire. It is one thing to make money and have investments, but it is another thing entirely to have a succession plan.


    For your businesses, finances and estates, what are the succession plans? Are your children the ones in view for that? If yes, have you meticulously raised them to handle the wealth you intend bequeathing to them? Learn more from this article.


    Children are great blessings, but they need to be raised and prepared for the life ahead of them. So, take out time and plan for your children’s education, training and possibly their adulthood.

    "It is one thing to make money and have investments, but it is another thing entirely to have a succession plan."
    #8.    Plan for retirement


    As a person and as a family, you need to plan for your retirement. Please ask yourself some serious questions regarding your retirement, such as; where you want to retire from active work? At what age do you intend to retire?


    Do you have enough funds and cash flow to handle old age matters? Will you be comfortable enough with your current resources in your old age? These questions require serious thoughts and planning to be able to answer and achieve them.


    Start now to plan for your retirement. Use the available resources you have now and start planning for your retirement. Don’t relegate your retirement burden to your children or other people. It won’t just work. Fix yourself up while you still can.   

    #9.    Plan for family activities


    Plan for some fun activities with your family. These sorts of activities include; going to parks, having picnics, fixing puzzles, games (both outdoor & indoor), etc.


    Plan to enjoy your family time by inculcating any of these activities into your schedule. Lounging at home shouldn’t be boring at all. Read this nice article and learn some more tips regarding family activities.


    The idea is this: you can never go wrong with adequate planning and goal-setting! It is, to a great extent, part of living. So make it a part of your life. Set goals, plan and take actions to get you where you want your family and you to be in life.


    Let’s continue to dazzle in our families while we plan for the best lives that we want to live!

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