Fun activities that families can enjoy together

Fun activities that families can enjoy together – Part 1

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We are living in a world where having time for ones’ family is becoming increasingly challenging, and sometimes a luxury many of us cannot afford. Yet, spending time with family members is one of the best opportunities for family bonding. This article on fun activities that families can enjoy together, presents needful ideas that families can explore.


Sometimes, a family is confused about the possible ways they can spend time together. Aside from daily family mealtimes and occasional holidays, there are fun activities that families can engage in. 

There are many advantages to families spending time together. Some of them are: Parents get to catch-up with the children, share ideas and thoughts, understand each other’s emotions, team building, assessing each other skillsets, discover (hidden) talents in the family, and others. 

Fun activities can be grouped into two main categories – outdoor and indoor. Some of these activities can be adopted for both outdoor and indoor. I’ll be mentioning activities from both categories as I give a rundown of some fun activities.

Here are some ideas for fun activities that families can do together.

1.    Cook together

Everyone eats food, but not everyone prepares the food or likes to cook. Cooking can turn out to be a fun activity for a family to try out. Plan making a special meal or everyone’s delicacy together. For example, you can bake a cake together using grandma’s special recipe. Grilling together can also be fun.

Cooking at home together has a couple of benefits. These include: passing down the cooking/baking skills via a family ‘masterclass’, providing an opportunity to ask and answer questions from your kids regarding cooking, assessing each other’s cooking capabilities and skills, etc. 

I also recommend engaging on adventurous cooking together, e.g. if no one knows how to prepare a particular food, the family can search for a recipe and try it out together. Get your favourite cookbook and try out different recipes. The whole family takes responsibility for the outcome of such food.

Cooking together can create an awareness on healthy food choices in a family, which can help to curb an addiction to junk foods.

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    "For example, you can set a reading time for your family. Here, everyone can read a specific script/book and discuss later." 
    2.    Go for a walk/hike

    Going for a walk or hiking can be super fun when the whole family is doing it together. If this is not your usual activity, plan out the hike well in advance, taking into account the abilities of every member of your family. Go to an area that is family-friendly with accessible parks and rest points.


    A family walk can give you an opportunity to talk things through, plan future activities, and share ideas with other members of the family.

    3.    Play board games in the evenings

    Indoor board games are very popular with many people, especially when friends hang out. Families can plan to have a series of board games together. In such moments, parents can teach their kids virtues, share their experiences and evaluate their children’s ways of reasoning.

    Examples of board games are Go, Chess, Blokus, Monopoly, Checkers, Scrabble, Pictionary, Snakes and Ladders, Life, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Backgammon, and so many others. 

    The fun is, you don’t even have to be familiar with it before trying. There is always a manual, and nowadays, online video channels will literally teach you anything. Get one today and learn the rules together. You will be amazed by how your child(ren) will be fast to correct you or point you to your mistakes (you will wish it’s always the other way around).

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    4.    Solve or fix puzzles at weekends

    Another activity that will be worthwhile is fixing jigsaw puzzles together. There are many jigsaw puzzles out there that one can purchase and try to put it together as a family. Puzzle fixing can create a perfect family time. There are also customised puzzles to fix. Brands such as Ravensburger, Clementoni, Lego, Cobble Hill, and so many others provide excellent options.

    You can also obtain customised or bespoke jigsaw puzzle sets. For example, printing a cherished family photo and fixing such together can be super fun for a family. The cognitive abilities of your kids can be observed. It can be a moment for heart-to-heart discussions.

    Puzzle fixed by Ijeoma Silas and family
    "We are living in a world where having time for ones’ family is becoming increasingly challenging, and sometimes a luxury many of us cannot afford."
    5.    Activate family reading time at home

    Reading is one fun that I am yet to find a replacement for. Families can set out to read a particular book or a book series together. For example, you can set a reading time for your family, which everyone reads a specific script/book and discusses it. Nowadays, it is much easier to sign-up for an electronic book forms for your family and spend time reading together. 

    Reading together encourages reading habit in a family. You will be surprised how children loved being read to. For instance, bedtime reading for your kids can be fun and educative. It is much fun for spouses to read together. You will be amazed at how much information and interpretations that can come from different members of your family who read the same material.

    6.    Watch movies or go to the theatre

    Family time at the movies and operas is highly commendable. Make out time to go to a movie theatre or opera to see your popular movies and artists, respectively. I bet you - you will have an exciting discussion on the journey home and even the entire week.

    When you have a movie or opera timeout together as a family, you are indirectly building a collective experience for the family.

    …to be continued. Please watch out for the continuation of this article. Feel free to list other fun activities that families can do together to enhance love, bonding, modelling and learning in a family. Guess what - Let’s continue to dazzle together!

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