How parents can monitor their children’s school activities

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Day by day, parenting is becoming more challenging. Some parents are aware of the shift in times and seasons that we are living in currently, while some others are taken aback on the changes in modern day parenting.


Schools keep modifying their moral standard to accommodate what they want and believe is right for your child with and without your notice as a parent. One is left wondering how parents can monitor their children’s school activities and be abreast of possible changes in their children’s school curriculum, activities and moral standards.


As a parent or guardian, monitoring your children’s school activities is a great way to keep an eye on the sort of information that filters into them on daily basis. You need to create more time and interact with your children in order to correct and counter wrong information as they are getting it and not when it is late.


Below are some of the ways parents can monitor their children’s school activities.

#1.    Know the school activities they are involved in


Knowing the activities your children are involved in at school is very crucial. As a parent or guardian, know the activities your children do or will be participating at school. This knowledge will help you understand the doctrines they are being taught both morally and intellectually.


Ensure to do your research before you encourage or discourage them from participating in any activity.


Following up on their school activities will give you insights into the sort of adult they will become. Endeavour to be in the know always.

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    #2.    Go through their school curriculum


    Go through the school curriculum your children will be learning from for each school year or term. This will help you know how to go about helping or encouraging them for each subject they might be needing extra help with.


    School curriculum list the topics your children will be taught per time, hence the need to follow it through with them. For example, you can clearly state to them when they have any issue in one topic to be patient because you know they will get it when they get to the future topics in that subject. Also, you can ensure they really understand a particular topic with the knowledge that the next one might be tougher or simpler for them.


    When you follow up on their curriculum, you can easily advise them academically. You suggestions will make better sense as it will be streamlined to suit their intellectual needs rather than a generalised advice.

    #3.     Chat about their day-to-day activities


    As much as possible, endeavour to have a ten to fifteen minutes chats daily with your children regarding their day. Chat about their day-to-day activities and life. Where necessary, give instances from your experiences.


    It is a great thing to connect and bond with your children, especially your teens. These chats will help you see loop holes in some areas of their lives and you will then know how to go about sealing such loop holes. If it is a knowledge gap, buy them the necessary books in that area and if it is a security gap, fix it. Start by reading our articles on security consciousness here and here.

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    #4.    Get involved in their life and growth


    Please parents and guardians, don’t leave the growth and development of your children in the hands of nannies and teachers alone. Get involved in their life and growth. Be there for your children and avoid being absent always when they need your presence.


    No matter your busy schedule or tiredness, make out time for your children. Talk, examine them, reason with them and most importantly, be a role model and hero to your children.


    If you are struggling with building a relationship with your children especially your teenagers, get insights here. Your involvement and presence in the lives of your children is beneficial to the both of you.

    "Schools keep modifying their moral standard to accommodate what they want and believe is right for your child with and without your notice as a parent."
    #5.    Probe into their school’s new & adopted exposé on trending issues


    Recently, during a board meeting, Disney stated that their next move will be to include more queer characters in cartons for children. In as much as in my own opinion, this should not be, but it is their company, and they get to decide what you project to children. In self-same way, some schools will adopt some new and trending opinions without your notice and dish them out to your children.


    Probe into your children’s school new and adopted beliefs and issues. When they start something new and odd that doesn’t resonate with you, pull your children out and change their school.


    The innocence of your children matters more than how good their school might be. Children and trained and moulded intellectually, morally and skilfully. When the most important which is character, get tampered with, it becomes a big problem for your family and lineage. So guard the innocence of your children.

    #6.    Keep an eye on your children’s thoughts, questions and worries


    When your children ask you some questions out of nowhere, take out time to answer them clearly. If you need time to think about it thoroughly before replying them, please let them know and ensure to discuss at a later time with them.


    Never dismiss questions regarding anything that they ask you out of curiosity.

    #7.    Do all you can to support and protect your little ones


    As a parent or guardian, do all you can within your power to protect your little ones. Your children deserve your protection, attention and support.


    Times have changed, and it is still changing to a very uncertain future for children. We are no longer living in the sort of days we grew up in. All manner of representations is going on in schools, and children are being taught or exposed to things way beyond their ages.


    As a parent or guardian, please keep an eye on your little one’s growth and development. Ensure you know and understand what your children are taught in school. Carefully monitoring their school activities will keep you in the know. You will be alerted when inappropriate or age-inappropriate topics are raised or taught in school.


    Some schools are notorious in luring kids into a lifestyle they are not prepared for. Avoid these sorts of schools and guard the innocence of your cute little one. Remember, it is your responsibility to raise and care for your children.


    Let’s continue to dazzle while raising our children.

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