How to be watchful while raising your children

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Raising children in this present day and age can be quite challenging. We live in a fast-paced world that if care is not taken, one can lose his/her children to the very things that one dislikes. Or perhaps, lifestyles that have detrimental effects on the child or children in particular.


Parents should therefore note that when their children choose a lifestyle due to the negligence or carelessness of their parents, they too will be affected in many ways. That may make one ask: what do I stand to gain if I lose my children in the course of following after a career or money? This question is not  juts rhetorical, but it is a question that all parents should answer.


It is a different thing if you have been there for them and also done your best as a parent and they turn out to be something else, than leaving them on their own in the name of pampering or lack of time for them.


Children are precious gifts from God and, as such, should be raised to fulfil the purpose for which they were born. Count yourself blessed and lucky if you have a child or children.


The world system tends to keep parents preoccupied so that they have less to no time to properly raise their children. Below are the ways you can keep an eye on them while raising your children in the times we are living in.

#1.    Beware of what they watch


The majority of parents can testify that they grew up watching less TV or no TVs at all. As a result of this, they had more time to work on themselves and build interpersonal relationship skills that are lacking in some young people today.


Also, attention to school work decreases when kids are exposed to too much TV and video games. Other areas of the child’s development are also impacted when they are left glued to the screen.


Am I against watching TV? NO. It is only for you as parents to beware of what they watch and how long they watch it. As a parent, be watchful!

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    Mind you, some programs and adverts might be unhealthy for your children’s development and ideologies. They get exposed subtly to things they may not be mature enough to handle. Please beware of what they watch and keep an eye on the programs they watch too. Some of these programs act as subliminal

    #2.    Beware of what they are taught both at school, home and the society


    As parents, this is a wake-up call to keep an eye on what your children are taught at school, at home and in the society at large. Children are being taught to accommodate the ongoing trends of sexualization. These are agendas that parents will have to correct if they want to raise sane children. Thanks to the heritage foundation and what it is doing with regards to this.


    Morality is fast eluding our world. Governments are busy with whatever agenda they are interested in, and no one really cares about your children the way you do as parents. So please develop principles and ways you can teach your children the good morals you grew up with.


    Be up-to-date with everything happening in your children's life as well as the society. With this knowledge, you can counter contrary opinions being pushed to your children. Develop a good relationship with your child in order to achieve this.

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    #3.    Beware of their associations


    Please beware of the associations your child keeps. Children learn and copy a lot from their peers. So, be watchful of who comes around your child and the sort of friends they keep. “Evil communication corrupts good manners", they say, hence, the need to keep an eye on their friends.


    When you spot a friend that will likely influence your child negatively, please subtly discuss that with your child and see how they can detach from such a person. It’s about their life, growth and development. So, please be watchful.


    #4.    Beware of some character traits


    Some character traits children pick up outside of the home can affect them negatively without them even noticing. If you are too busy for your child, you might hardly notice when they have changed.


    Some kids start stealing and doing other wrong things without their parents even knowing about it. Please keep an eye and educate them about the consequences and repercussions of their actions and inactions early when they can still turn a new leaf.

    "That may make one ask: what do I stand to gain if I lose my children in the course of following after a career or money? This question is not  just rhetorical, ..."

    Keeping an eye on one’s children in the times we are living can seem like a daunting task. It’s understandable that the bills need to be paid, but this shouldn’t make you lose your children to ideologies the system wants them to learn and live by.


    As parents, if you can, cut down your working hours or let one parent be readily available (stay-home Mum or Dad) to attend to the kids. Be watchful and strategize on the best way to bring up your children.


    Again, be there for your children. Spend more time with them and don’t be found wanting on the things that pertain to their life and destiny. Be involved in their growth and affairs. It’s only for a short while, and they are out of your house.


    Your child’s development and ideologies are at stake. Please, keep an eye while raising your children for the days are evil.


    Don’t forget to dazzle while raising your children.

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