Does my fashion sense and appearance matter in my relationships?

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Fashion is an expression of who you are in speech, clothing, fragrance, hairstyles and lifestyle. It is a language, which tells a story about the person wearing it. You can easily tell who a person is, for the first time, and that is made possible by the person’s sense of fashion. What you wear gives you the scores when strangers or your friends assess you. Your dressing can ultimately influence your relationships.


Let me ask, do you need an announcer to know a group of people on a carnival train – I don't think SO. Why? Because their costume will give them away. 

Your fashion or style defines you. Remember ‘…man looks at the outward appearance' (The Holy Bible, 1 Samuel 16:7). Therefore, I’ll be correct to say - your appearance speaks volume. You are simply your fashion!

You have to deliberately dress the way you want people to address you. Why would you want people to see you as a Pilot when you choose to dress like a Chef?

For instance, some church girls are considered not fashionable (or chicky) and non-showstoppers because of their inability to create their fashion. Not being fashionable can ultimately affect your relationships – personal and professional.

Looking good is not an exclusive right of ladies; men should also consider it essential. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you to create your fashion or better still, improve your sense of fashion.

1.    Know your body type

The knowledge of your body type will guide you in picking outfits and styles. You don’t make dresses just because you like the style; you make dresses specifically tailored for your shape and size.

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    2.    Play on your strengths

    Create a fashion that channels everyone’s attention to your strengths, and takes everyone’s attention away from your weaknesses. A girl once said to me, I have hideous legs and I asked her, why do you keep showing them off? You shouldn’t wear body-con or latex dresses if you have a large stomach. Instead, opt for a pleated, a lined or peplum outfit.

    3.    Get fashion ‘inspirator’

    Find and follow people whose style you admire. Allow them to inspire you, with their style and daily outfit.

    "Create a fashion that channels everyone’s attention to your strengths, and takes everyone’s attention away from your weaknesses."

    Picture used with permission from Church Girl Publication


    Picture used with permission from Church Girl Publication

    "Fashion is an expression of who you are in speech, clothing, fragrance, hairstyles and lifestyle."

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    4.    Feel free to copy

    Everyone copies - even the best fashion icons were inspired by something or someone else. If you see a design, style or pattern you like, feel free to make it for yourself. And soon you’ll become an independent fashion thinker.

    5.    Follow your heart

    This is one way you can be original. If your heart says Ankara Fabric with timberland boots, please, go for it. You may be on your way to becoming a fashion influencer. “Ankara Fabric” is a popular African cotton wax print with varied designs.

    6.    Be honest with yourself

    Never try to live above your means. Tell yourself the truth. How much do you earn, and how much you can afford to spend on fashion and lifestyle.

    "Ankara Fabric is a popular African cotton wax print with varied designs."

    Picture used with permission from 

    7.    Take your lifestyle into consideration

    Buy outfits tailored to suit your lifestyle and profession. You can’t be a banker, who only shops for jeans and T-shirts, and neglect to shop for suits - which you wear for your work most of the time.

    8.    Spring cleaning

    Make it a habit to clean out your closets. For example, I usually give out anything I haven’t made use of in the last three months. Most times, they are relatively new. That way, you create space for new stuff.

    9.    Be a Spirit-lead shopper

    Only buy what is necessary. Don’t be an impulsive buyer. Think, plan and budget for your next shopping. As a Christian, I will strongly recommend that you take the Holy Spirit with you for your next shopping trip, if not, you might end up buying things you don’t need. 

    I would like to know how this article has helped you to think more deeply about your sense of fashion as it relates to your lifestyle and relationships. Please stay on this space while anticipating fashion-laden Insights in my upcoming articles. Please subscribe to Dazzling Insights. Also, subscribe to Church Girl Magazine for more exciting articles on fashion for Church Girls.

    As Ijeoma will always conclude her article – let’s dazzle together as we ignite a great sense of fashion in our lifestyles and relationships. Again, let’s keep dazzling…



    Pastor Gedah Etefia is the Lead Editor of Church Girl Magazine® & a Co-Pastor at The Community Church®, Calabar, Nigeria. Her career revolves around editing, fashion, style inspiration, and public speaking. Gedah believes that fashion and words can create, destroy, or fix situations.

    She desires to change the face of fashion in the Christian communities 

    worldwide, by creating an understanding that you can be both chic and churchy, godly and lovely, faithful and fashionable.

    When Gedah is not spending time painting with her kids, she enjoys reading, watching fashion TV and/or preparing a new delicacy straight off the internet. She’s currently working on the third issue of The Church Girl Magazine® and the production of reusable sanitary pads for female inmates and girls in the rural areas. She also loves travelling.

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