Negative impacts of body enhancements on families and relationships (1)

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We live in a world where everything is sexualised and made to look great, disregarding the psychological and health impacts of such actions. 


The negative impacts of body enhancements on families and relationships are not brought to the front pages of newspapers and headlines but rather the perceived positives. In fact, people with enhanced bodies are used as role models on shows, adverts and front pages of magazines. Unfortunately, this gets into the mindset of the population as “the way it ought to be” or as subliminal. This shouldn’t be.

Some people feel the urge to enhance certain parts of their body in order to look presumably sexy or the so-called “new classy”. Adverts, advice from friends, even some family members, and perhaps the proposed description of these plastic surgeries boosting self-confidence might catch your fancy or attention.


The question then is: Do you really want to live or risk your life based on people’s perceived notion of sexy and classy. This is pure deceit! We bet to differ. Please don’t wallow in self-deceit. 

At Dazzling Insights, we encourage you to love yourself enough to shun the urge to go under the knife for frivolous and unhealthy reasons or even get these harmful chemicals or substances into your body.

In our previous article on this issue –“should you enhance your looks or not”, we highlighted some of the reasons people tend to do these things. Please check it out. This is a follow-up article on that.

Are you one of those lured into body enhancement procedures because the society deems them beautiful and sexy? Well, you have to wear your thinking cap before you jump right in to accept those procedures.

They come with all manner of advertisements; some might claim to have “all-natural” ingredients and promise you all sorts. Think again before you engage in any. Many people have lost their lives in these sorts of needless surgeries.

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    It is understandable for some people who have lost one or both breasts due to breast cancer to have aesthetic boobs. But, if you are healthy and normal without issues, we believe you have no need to engage in any of these procedures.

    Cancer risks and severe health problems or even death are parts of the complications or impacts of these procedures. In addition, some families are bereaved of their loved ones too early due to this. Below are the side effects associated with some of these processes.

    #1.    Side effects of bleaching & bleaching creams

    For decades now, some women of colour bleach their skin to look like their white counterparts. This is because they feel they look more attractive that way, but that is a lie. Please save yourself and your unborn children by staying clear of any soap, cream or ointment with bleaching properties. It is not good for you at all.

    The chemical in those cosmetics can lead to cancer and serious health problems, especially for the skin. The skin becomes damaged and prone to diseases. As a child, while on my way to school one day, a black woman who bleached herself and appeared partly yellow, red and black wanted to get on a bike, and somehow, her leg got caught. Unfortunately, her skin tore with this ease that gave me chills as a 10-year-old. With the little morning breeze, her skin was moving as light as paper, and that image stuck with me.

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    "Bleaching is bad for you. PLEASE STOP STRAIGHT AWAY!"

    According to NHS UK, Possible risks of skin-lightening creams containing hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury include: skin turning dark or too light, thinning of the skin, visible blood vessels in the skin, scarring, kidney, liver or nerve damage, abnormalities in a new-born baby (if used during pregnancy).

    "At Dazzling Insights, we encourage you to live your best life in the most natural way. Connect to nature, and feel the beauty of life through nature. These involve your food, lifestyle and relationships with people."
    #2.    Side effects of breast or boob enlargement

    Breast or Boob enlargement comes with its side effects too. Remember, anything that has advantages has its disadvantages. As a cosmetic surgery, this comes with a lot of downsides to it. 

    There is a report on Punch News on this issue. The Cancer risks and other health challenges were also outlined. Another blog also outlined the downsides of this procedure together with the possible positives. An excerpt of that report states thus: “The Professor for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Adriane Fugh-Berman, M.D. noted in an article published by Obstetrics and Gynaecology that products with breast enhancement formulas, like breast enhancement pills, should be avoided simply because there is no real proof that they are effective or safe, particularly in the long run”.

    Before you book an appointment or even decide to enhance your breasts, consider the possible negative side effects and what could go wrong. Yes, it is your body, life and health. Still, your family, friends and relationships are impacted by your personal decisions such as this one. So be wise and decide better for your life.  

    #3.    Side effects of bum enlargement
    (to be continue in the part 2 of this article)
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