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How to handle heartbreaks in relationships

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Life, they say, happens! So, what do you do when you are jilted in your romantic relationship? When someone who is supposed to love you wholly and be there for you decides to end the relationship you have for obvious reasons or for reasons best known to the other partner, how do you react?


The question above is one that anyone in a romantic relationship should have the answer to at heart. But, again, any heartbroken person from a bad or toxic relationship also needs to pay attention to this question.


The pains from a broken relationship can make some people do some crazy things that they might regret later. So please, never make a decision in the heat of anger or pain. The truth is that injustice can turn the nicest person into entirely something else. So do you pay back people in their own coin?


You see, life is very precious. It can NEVER be replaced. But, as time rolls by, life withers away. Hence the need not to imagine taking another life regardless of the weight of the agony you are going through due to the break-up. So, let’s say you have been taken advantage of or delayed in a relationship, how do you take it in, heal, and move on? The below tips are What to do when jilted in your relationships.

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#1.    Go through the pain but don’t do something silly


It can be excruciatingly painful to be ditched in a relationship, especially when you have given your best and your all to it. Please go through the pain but don’t do something silly. Do you think a payback will be great? No, it won’t, and most importantly, you will be hurting yourself the more.


Refrain from the thoughts of payback, taking a life or destroying highly valuable properties. Yes, your ex might feel the impact of your actions, but it wouldn’t change anything. Whatever you think doing will make you feel better won’t reverse the situation.


When jilted, please excuse yourself from the surrounding noise and give yourself time to heal and prep-up to move on. Endeavour with all you have got to settle issues legally and amicably without enacting physical hurt on anyone. It’s just not worth it.


The human mind can be really tricky. Therefore, don’t let your mind be manipulated by your emotions and the feelings of others, such as family members and friends around you. Please walk away, there’s nothing you can’t get back except life. So, go through the pain but don’t do something silly, please.

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    #2.    Count your costs and move on


    In the midst of the heartbreak comes this sense of counting costs and losses. Doing this tends to drive one crazy at the initial stages but will serve as a lesson and a pathway to healing along the line.


    Sit down and count your costs. This includes what you put into the relationship–money, time, other supports, etc. See if there were clues that you perhaps ignored while giving into the relationship.


    The main purpose of doing this is to see where you could do things differently in future relationships. Move on without retaliation. Don’t worry, the law of nature and karma will fix things in due course.

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    #3.    Pick up the lessons


    You need to pick up the lessons from your broken or just ended relationship. It’s an experience, and so you have to note the lessons that relationship has taught you. It might even be something about your character or attitude.


    When analysing your past relationship, please be very truthful to yourself. This will help you to learn the lessons that you perhaps need. Differentiate your short-comings and mess from that of your ex.


    Know where you didn’t do great and lesson a lesson or two from it. And if you gave your all, and it still went sour, learn from it in order to spot that in subsequent relationships. 


    #4.    Never repeat a mistake on your part


    The tendency to blame your ex wholly for the soured relationships is usually there. As a matter of fact, it is in the nature of humans to blame others for their issues or problems.


    As the previous point stated, learn a lesson from your mistakes and never repeat them.


    Repeating a mistake might lead to the breakdown of yet another relationship. In life, we learn every day. So, check inwards and avoid doing things the same old way for your future relationship. Also, avoid attracting the same kind of people. Make adjustments to your output and expectations.

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    #5. Open up to another relationship


    In life, things come and go, and so does some relationships. As this one has just ended, open up your heart to another relationship.


    This might sound really difficult for any heartbroken person, but you have to prime yourself to move on. Have an open mind/heart, purge yourself of ill thoughts and be free to experience the good in a person as you get into a romantic relationship with him or her.


    Open up to another relationship. It doesn’t matter if it is immediately or later on after getting yourself back, the main thing is to open up your heart. When you are open, you will be filled, and your desires will be met.


    #6. Open a fresh chapter


    Don’t drag along the experiences from your past relationship. Open a fresh chapter. Seek to relate better and perhaps act more matured in your next relationship.


    As the chapter of the old relationship closes, open up a fresh one. Work on what needs to be changed and get into a new relationship well prepared. You non-arguably don’t want another failed relationship. Yes, it might not have been your fault, but you must have picked up some lessons along the journey.


    While opening a fresh chapter, refill your mind, body and spirit with positive energy through reading, going for counselling and motivating yourself.

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    "The truth is that injustice can turn the nicest person into entirely something else. So, do you pay back people in their own coin?"
    #7.    Radiate in your renewed self


    Life is not hard, so take care of yourself. Yes, radiate in your beauty as well as your renewed self. Take time and look after yourself. Be clean, healthy and joyful. Lose some weight if you need to, change the environment if you have to and be happy.


    You can only radiate what you have within. Instead of being engulfed in self-pity, anger and strange emotions, channel that energy into looking after yourself and becoming the best that you can possibly be.


    If it’s a marriage or partnership break-up, agree on the children’s custody and co-parent however possible peacefully. It’s senseless for lives to be lost over issues that can always be resolved. Please let there not be a repetition of what happened in Australia, where jealousy, rage and ill decision took two lives and rendered the children orphans.


    No man is an island. We all thrive based on our relationships. When a romantic relationship is not working anymore, please part ways amicably. No life should be lost in this process. Maintain a neutral friendship status if need be. No one knows tomorrow, so be careful of what you do to people and how you part ways.


    Let’s continue to dazzle in our relationships.

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