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Your circle counts: maximising the power of positive relationships

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Many people do not understand the power of a healthy network and its potential impact on their existence and even thereafter. These areas of impact can range from spiritual, psychological, social, emotional to other critical aspects of wellbeing. In fact, the popular saying that no man is an Island tells it all. Everyone sure needs someone, in my opinion, we all interdepend on each other.

Needing someone does not erode principles or values of contentment, self-sufficiency, self-respect or having healthy self-esteem. Most times, this is the main reason people excuse themselves from building or improving their interpersonal relationships. We all need to improve and build an enriched circle or network. The benefits of networking with others far outweigh whatever an individual may perceive as a reason for being withdrawn or introverted.

Experiences in life sometimes count for people’s decisions to remain in their bubble, but why deny yourself of new experiences that may turn out positive just because of past experiences that went sour. The motivation to leave the zone of mediocrity is worth the risk of exploring new horizons.

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    Recent happenings around me have taught me personally. I recently lost a boss who could be tagged ‘exceptional’ in every regard. I had my personal encounters with him but listening to the testimonies and tributes of others made me know that life’s most important treasures remain beautiful memories that will never fade. A lasting impact is not made in your being, but in how much of yourself you can pour out to others.

    "Never let the fear of ‘bad’ people deny you the pleasures of experiencing good people; as a matter of fact, no one is entirely bad; seek the good in everyone and be that force to eradicate the dark side and bring out the good to make them shine."

    I have been an express benefactor of the good deeds done by my parents and siblings; closed doors have been opened up for me, just because of those God positioned around me. Why give up on a chance to thrive beyond the ordinary when greater goals can be achieved through others?

    The power of association could be seen in workplaces where people from different homes and backgrounds come together to achieve the goals of organisations. A tree does not make a forest; hence, the bigger picture is formed through the synergy of others irrespective of individual knowledge, skills, abilities or competencies. This could also be applied to other facets of life —family, church, school, etc.

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    One’s existence is never complete in isolation. From the first day of breath, you meet people. You are brought forth through the aid of people; your growth through stages to the point of self-awareness occurred through the influence of people. So how can one exist without people? There is a need, however, to have the right crop of people as you forge ahead through life and get saddled with various needs and demands.


    You must be intentional about who gets into your space. Never let the fear of ‘bad’ people deny you the pleasures of experiencing good people; as a matter of fact, no one is entirely bad; seek the good in everyone and be that force to eradicate the dark side and bring out the good to make them shine.

    The benefits of having the right circle are enormous and are worth every conscious effort. Right associations and relationships will expose you to new ideas and do the following for you:

    #1.    Boost your morale

    You stand a risk of maintaining low morale, which may eventually lead to depression and impact your health negatively. Boost your morale today and swing into a whole new world of happy moments.

    #2.    Ease to achieve goals

    Why task yourself alone when you can get help and meet goals faster through others.

    #3.    Better growth pace

    Grow together, build that wealth of knowledge! Vastness and enriched ideas will yield a better personality; tap into this.

    #4.    Improved problem-solving skills

    Pull down that wall with an unmatchable force. Someone may just have the key to solving the puzzle.

    There are enormous gains with people. A conscious effort at interaction will never hurt as long as you understand limits and decorum.  Be intentional about creating the change you desire, as you can always reach the world a step at a time, and all you need is to take the steps from just one person, and your influence will be widespread. There is so much inside of you, do not let them waste. You hold keys to unlock destinies.

    Keep dazzling as you expand your circle of network and relationships!

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    Mrs Uchenna Ikeanyi is a mum of three, a relationship counsellor, and a seasoned human resources practitioner with over 13 years’ experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Literary Studies, and a master’s degree in Industrial and Labour Relations. Mrs Ikeanyi’s knack for organisation and strategic planning and her extensive education have supported her impeccable career in the financial and education sectors.

    Currently, she is harnessing her passion to see more successful families and relationships by building networks of people with a similar passion. When Uchenna is not serving as the senior administrator of a leading school in the Mega-City of Lagos, she spends time with her husband and three lovely kids.

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