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Taking charge of your health and that of your family

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Health is one aspect of life that we need to give great attention to. You can’t overlook your health and expect to function at your maximum capacity for a prolonged period of time.


There are different sides to taking charge of one’s health. These range from food and drinks, cosmetics use, exercises to physical body examination. In whichever case, ensure you are doing what is good for your body.

Some people take supplements for various reasons, but ensure your doctor knows about any medication you are taking or, better still, let your doctor prescribe it. As much as possible, please avoid self-medication.

Again, some people tend to boost their self-confidence through body enhancements. Although it is your body and your choice, remember the adverse effects the procedure might have on your health. Read more on our opinion on this here. Some people have died while doing so, and others will have to live with whatever repercussion that comes their way.

Know what goes into your body per time. Be sure you are not drinking or eating contaminated food and water. Also, try to stay natural as much as possible. Chemicals are powerful, and they are not things you want to be toiling with.

It is your body, and you only have one life to live. Therefore, ensure you care for yourself in the best possible way. Below are some of the ways you can keep an eye on and take charge of your health and that of your family.

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#1.    Have a second or multiple opinions


Whenever a doctor diagnoses you with any illness, please seek second or multiple opinions regarding the issues. This will help you be sure of the exact issue so that you don’t end up mistreating yourself.


In a way, having another doctor examine you helps to rule out biases and professional blunders.


If you can afford it, have a second or multiple opinions.

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    #2.    Research and understand the diagnostics


    You have to take responsibility for your health. Research and understand your doctor’s diagnostics. Don’t just rely on what your doctor said, do your research. Ask questions, read up on the issues and see how you can also help yourself.


    Seek to understand what is going on with you or any member of your family. Research and see if it runs in your family. Ask your doctor and family members questions to have a better understanding.


    Be in the know always.

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    #3.    Read the medication labels carefully


    Some people, if not most, find it difficult to read medication labels. If you fall into this category of people, please make a change today. Start reading medication labels before you take them. This might as well save your life.


    Someone testified that he would have perhaps died or been in critical condition if not that he took the time to read the medication label. His doctor prescribed a certain milligram of injection. Because the particular injection was unavailable, a substitute one was given, which works similar to the previous one but was more powerful. In this case, they are supposed to follow the instructions on the label of the new medicine. Still, the nurse had the previous injection prescription in mind and so took out the quantity of the previous medication and not what the injection at hand said. It was then that they started arguing until the nurse read the label and apologised. They soon found out that an overdose of that substitute injection would have led to a cardiac arrest.


    In essence, read the label of any medicine that you are taking.

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    #4.    Ask your caregivers (Doctors & Nurses) questions about your prescriptions


    An Igbo adage goes thus: “Onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo”. This means that he/she who asks questions won’t miss his/her way or be misled. Don’t think any of your questions are inconsequential. Ask them anyway. Be very clear with any issue regarding your health.


    Ask your caregivers (Doctors & Nurses) questions about your prescriptions. Even when you are admitted to a hospital, ask them about the medications they are giving you and their functions to your body.


    Another person I know was mistakenly given her neighbour’s prescription medicine to take. She and her neighbour were being treated for the same medical issue, but her neighbour had another underlying illness that required more medication. If not that she had asked her nurse the name and function of the extra medicine she was just given to take, she would have been harmed. The nurse quickly realised the mistake, apologised and made the necessary changes.


    Ask questions, and don’t be shy. If they seem annoyed with your questions, simply apologise and maybe excuse yourself if need be. Remember that you have a right to know what you are taking into your body.

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    #5.    Check what you eat or what goes into your body per time


    You need to know what goes into your body per time. Check what you eat. Food nourishes the body, but you need to understand the health implications of your food choices. You don’t want to end up obese or with other illnesses due to your choice of food.


    Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Instead, opt for organic and fresh foods. Nuts, vegetables and fruits are great to indulge in. Get your children to eat healthy from a tender age. Don’t over-pamper them with foods with less nutritional value just because that is what they like.

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    "Know what goes into your body per time. Be sure you are not drinking or eating contaminated food and water. Also, try to stay natural as much as possible. Chemicals are powerful, and they are not things you want to be toiling with."
    #6.    Go for regular check-ups


    This is not a new advice. Please go for regular check-ups. It’s about you and your health. Be in charge of your health and that of your family.


    At least do your part and let your health practitioners do theirs. Remember, when an illness is diagnosed early, the chances of cure and total healing are higher.

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    #7.     Nourish your body – don’t be stingy with yourself


    Nourish your body with everything organic or natural. There is only one you, so take time and look after yourself. If you don’t like your weight, you can lose it. And if you don’t like your spouse’s weight, you can cheer them to lose that weight.


    Don’t be stingy with yourself. If going for natural things costs a little bit extra, go for them. It’s about your health and that of your family, so be intentional.


    Be happy. Don’t let your joy or happiness be dependent on anyone or things. Instead, let your happiness come from within.


    You are the caretaker of yourself. Whatever you tell your doctors is what they will base their examination on. Take charge of your health and that of your family. Be mindful of your lifestyle.


    Continue to dazzle as you take charge of your health and that of your family.

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