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Taking charge of your health and that of your family

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Health is one aspect of life that we need to give great attention to. You can’t overlook your health and expect to function at your maximum capacity for a prolonged …


What type of person do you want to be —real or phony?

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Have you ever felt excited about a book only to open it and discovered it wasn’t worth the fancy cover and the heart-thumping reviews after paying your hard-earned money on …


Who are YOU? —A journey to discover YOU

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Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and wondered, ‘Who really is that person staring right back at you?’   One of the most impactful books I have …


You can cheer your spouse to lose that weight!

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Weight gain has been an issue plaguing both men and women, especially in this era of sedentary lifestyles and junk foods. Some couples tend to lose interest in each other …

How to cope and bounce back after divorce

How to cope and bounce back after divorce

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The end of any marriage due to divorce comes with a myriad of questions and mixed emotions. Feelings of losses and hurt can be so strong and may even take …