What type of person do you want to be —real or phony?

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Have you ever felt excited about a book only to open it and discovered it wasn’t worth the fancy cover and the heart-thumping reviews after paying your hard-earned money on it? 

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There is something about stories. There are the good and well-written ones. But then, there are the bad and badly written ones, as well. What makes a story good or bad? Well, while good stories run smoothly, follow a logical pattern and ‘allow the action to develop logically such that the reader can follow. On the other hand, poorly written stories meander irrelevantly without proper conclusion and leave the reader feeling cheated at the end.

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    So it is with a well-ordered and well-balanced life. And an unbalanced and chaotic one.


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    Yes, life is like a story. And the players in it (you, me, and the person standing or sitting next to you) are the characters in it. Like any story (written or otherwise), life is made up of the good and the bad. The essential components that determine if a story will be good or bad are the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and of course, the resolution.


    Together, the essential components in a book make for what the consumers of that book can later termed a ‘blockbuster’ or ‘an- unput-downable’ book. The readers are left in awe of such a book, just as they are most likely to be left in awe of a life that is well-balanced, well-ordered, and intentionally- lived.

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    "Like the car engine, YOU are the driving force of the story of your life. How well your life journey cruises will depend on the person behind its driving wheel — YOU. "

    If a story were a car, for example, the features (setting, plot, conflict, resolution) would be its engine, wheels, mechanical and electrical systems, etc. We all know that engines are required for vehicles to function properly and move. Likewise, stories are just like cars; they don’t work well without their essential components.


    And life is like a story. In life, those essential components are YOU. Like the car engine, YOU are the driving force of the story of your life. How well your life journey cruises will depend on the person behind its driving wheel — YOU. So, who are YOU? As the title of one of my blogs states, ‘Life is a journey, those who travel well are those who know themselves'.

    Let's dazzle together as we become real in our lives.


    Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner is a Nigerian-born writer of poetry and prose. Her work covers the highs and lows of the human heart (in her words, Sarah says she ‘writes from the heart to touch hearts and inspire action).  Sarah’s publications include But He Calls Me Blessed: When the Unbelievable Happens to Believers’, ‘The Old Woman Who Refused to Die’, ‘Just an 

    Ordinary Guy’, ‘Pathways of Life’, ‘From Fearful To Fierce’ (out in 2021),’ God Does Not Make Stupid’ (out in 2022). She is also an active blogger on MEDIUM - the international and hugely popular podium for writers, publishers, creators, political analysts, and many more (link provided below).

    Sarah has been featured in TIME magazine. Her poem ‘Mirror Image’ was converted into the theme song for a Nigerian breast cancer awareness concert organised by Betty Irabor (Genevieve Magazine) in 2005. Sarah is also the co-editor of Payback and Other Stories: an anthology of African and African Diaspora short stories spearheaded by the University of Vienna, African Studies Department.

    Sarah holds a BA (Hons) in Diplomatic Studies, and MA in Professional Writing from University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

    Sarah is a mother of two ‘super-awesome’ (her words) children. She lives in and writes from Vienna, Austria.

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