Should you enhance your looks or not?

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In our fast-paced world today, artificial things, including artificial looks, seems to be the order of the day. Wherever you look, either through adverts or conversations with people, you are presented with the options of enhancing your looks to feel good and confident in your desired body shape. The question is, should you enhance your looks or not?


While there is nothing wrong with you deciding whatever you want to do with your body, be it enhancing your looks or other things, remember that you have to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages before making such a decision. I would be quick to suggest that whatever enhancement that you have chosen, be aware that there are negative and positive side effects.


In life, nature wins always. Going natural is always the best option anyone can choose. For example, we know that eating organic foods is healthier and better than eating synthesised or processed foods. That is exactly the same with body enhancements. Leaving your body in its natural state is far better and healthier than enhancing it with chemicals!


People, especially women, often get caught up in the quagmire of joining a trending program of different body enhancements just to look or appear sexy. If, as a woman, all you see yourself is as a sex toy to be beckoned upon, then you have reduced yourself to the barest minimum of your potential as a woman. You are worth much more, so, please, don't fall for this cheap deceit!


Some of the options presented to most people involve one of the following listed below and some more.

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    #1.    Bleach or not to bleach?


    A good percentage of women of colour bleached their skin to feel like their Caucasian counterparts or feel more confident in themselves. However, as a black woman or woman of colour, you do not need to do this. You are beautiful just the way you are, regardless of the shade of your skin colour. In the follow-up article, we will look deeper into the deadly side effects of such a practice.


    Please don't let anyone or anything ever make you doubt your beauty! If only you knew how beautiful you are, you would never doubt yourself again. Be bold and confident in your skin colour. Look for organic products like shea and cocoa butter your ancestors used to maintain their beauty and apply the same.


    Beyoncé summed it up in her "brown skin girl" song. Don't undermine or be afraid of your skin colour. Instead, rock it with all boldness and confidence. You've got melanin power, and remember the saying that "black don't crack".

    #2.    Boob enhancements or not?


    Boob enhancement has increased in recent times. Many women are attracted to this type of body enhancement. I always wonder what difference it makes to be carrying a pack of silicone around in the name of breast enlargement.


    Before making such a decision, have you thought about the potential risks involved? Are the benefits just to look good and sexy? Or perhaps the confidence it promises? Are there other health benefits involved? I don't think so. It revolves around looking dramatic and flashy.


    My simple suggestion is this: stick with what nature has endowed you with. If your boobs are small, that's perfectly ok. Accept it and don't feel less than because of it. You don't need to pump up your breast with hormones or plastic surgery just to feel good. These things have serious side effects that you don't want to get yourself into. Avoid it and rock your natural look.

    #3.    Bum enhancements or not?


    Bum enlargement is also one of the major enhancements people do these days. So, the question here is; are you living your life, or you are just living or moulding yourself into someone else's perception of a woman figure?


    I often ask, what is the essence of butt enlargement? Is it for sex or for what exactly? Have you asked yourself what you stand to benefit by introducing some dangerous chemicals into your body?


    Altering your body shape with bum enhancement doesn't add or change anything in you. You have just placed yourself on a timescale to face the repercussions of such action later on in the future.


    Nature endowed you with the right size of bum that you need. Please don't feel that you have an insufficient size and thus need to increase it. Accept and appreciate yourself the way you are. It is just that simple. Besides, you don't need a bigger bum for sex. Period.


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    #4.    Tanning or not?


    Many white women feel they need to tan themselves to appear a certain way. This shouldn't be so. You don't need to apply any fake tanning cream or burn yourself in the sun just to tan. No, it's just not worth it.


    Because those practices are not natural, they wash off after taking a bath for a few days. You are not even white —I mean as in colour white! Just accept your skin colour and appear as natural as possible as you can.


    Tanning yourself doesn't change anything; rather, it opens you up to some dangerous chemicals contained in the tanning cream(s) out there. We will discuss further the negative effects of tanning in subsequent articles.

    #5.    Penis enlargement or not?


    Some men are lured into believing that their penises are not long or large enough. First, this is a lie. And please don't believe this. Whatever size nature endowed you with, accept it and appreciate yourself. You can still enjoy sex to the fullest regardless of your penis size.


    Penis enlargement surgeries have serious side effects, and one of them includes erectile dysfunction. So, what do you gain when you end up damaging yourself due to unnecessary and avoidable surgery?


    Please avoid entertaining the idea of bypassing nature and embracing artificial ways that might end up causing more problems for you as a man.

    "For example, we know that eating organic foods is healthier and better than eating synthesized or processed foods. That is exactly the same with body enhancements. Leaving your body in its natural state is far better and healthier than enhancing it with chemicals!"
    #6.    Other plastic surgeries or not?


    Of course, there are other plastic surgeries, including lip enhancement, that people do. These surgeries are not cheap, and people go for them because of one reason or the other. One should always ask: what is the purpose of getting entangled in one of these surgeries? Is it just for beautification? I leave that for you to answer.


    The thing here is, people are making huge money off you by moulding you into who you are not. You might say, "It's your life, and moreover, you only have one life to live, so why not". Ask the people who have experienced its downsides to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.


    So, to answer the question of if you should enhance your look or not, I would loudly say NO. don't be manipulated into doing so. Your natural beauty is more than enough. Embrace it and rock it!


    In the subsequent article on this topic, we will look at the side effects of the above-listed procedures.


    Let's continue to dazzle in our natural selves. You can't run a family, keep relationships and raise children while being artificial. You have got to be you, all the way natural!

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