Managing holiday seasons with your family

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Holiday seasons are special times of the year that families ought to have fun, create lasting memories and above all, enjoy each other’s presence. During holiday seasons, the time that perhaps wasn’t available for some, if not most couples and parents, suddenly shows up. For example, everywhere is shut down on Christmas day except for hospitals and crucial services and shops.


Globally, Easter, Summer and Christmas are all holiday seasons. These are outside of some country’s special days, which are marked out in their specific calendars. With this knowledge, these times shouldn’t meet you unprepared. Endeavour to plan something fun and engaging for your family each holiday season. See this lovely article on planning.

Holiday periods don’t have to be boring. Managing holiday seasons with one’s family doesn’t have to be stressful either. It only depends on the perspective and priorities of each family. As a family, choose to make your holiday periods count.

A lot can be achieved during holiday periods while still relaxing and having fun. For a well-planned holiday season or period, some of the things to achieve include:

#1.    Take time to reflect on the times

Holidays seasons are great times for reflection and evaluation. As a person or family, you need to take out time to reflect on the times. Ask yourself questions like: How far have you gone with your goals individually and collectively as a family from the previous Easter or Christmas season? Has anything changed from your plans? Are there new things to bring on board?

Doing appraisals in a relaxed mode such as holiday seasons will help you to bounce back or return to your activities with positive energy to do and achieve more. Again, evaluating your actions and goals when you are not tensed up will help you to focus and get to the point of what you are doing.

During your holidays, take one day or make out time to ask yourself serious questions, find answers to such questions and discover a way forward to becoming better and achieving your goals.

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    #2.  Encourage exchange of gifts/giving

    Global holiday seasons seem to be perfect times to give or exchange gifts with your colleagues, family and friends. So please don’t play down on these times. Even if it is once a year, pick out a holiday season to appreciate the people around you.

    The gifts don’t have to be expensive. What matters is the heart and thoughts that have gone into such actions.

    Show some appreciation to the people that have impacted your life. These sorts of people may include your boss, colleagues, classmates, friends and family members.

    You can go shopping for gifts with your children, except for those you don’t want them pre-informing the receivers. Doing this with them indirectly teaches them the giving culture. Let your children see you appreciate as well as give gifts to people.

    #3.    Set goals for the future

    During your seasonal holidays, make out time, even if it is at night, to set goals for your future as a family. Please bring your children together, sit down with them and draft goals and plans for the family. Write down your plans and goals. Let your children see you write down goals for the family. Not only will they be part of the goals, but they will also learn such acts as it is crucial to living.

    Ask your children their thoughts concerning some areas of their lives and come up with progressive measures that will help them to achieving such thoughts.

    Set the goals, put a timeline to them and go all out to achieve them after the holiday. If you are not used to setting goals as a family, please turn a new leaf.

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    #4.  Change location for the holiday period if possible

    Seasonal holiday periods are special times, and hence, will be great if one could change his/her location for the few days. The children can go to their grandparents and have a lovely time while the parents check in to a hotel. The entire family can also decide to go to a particular place together for the holiday.

    Again, a family can meet their relatives and have great family times together. When I was a kid, my family and I used to travel from the city to the rural areas where the rest of my family members reside to spend the holidays. These times created lovely childhood memories that I still cherish to date. It doesn’t really matter the location or the house space available; what matters is the presence and times shared together as a family.

    Cynthia Rylant captured this sort of family time so well in her children’s book published in 1985 titled “The Relatives Came”. You can get a copy here and understand further how families sharing times together can be so lovely, especially for the children.

    "Holiday periods don’t have to be boring. Managing holiday seasons with one’s family doesn’t have to be stressful either. It only depends on the perspective and priorities of each family."
    #5.    Meet up close family and friends

    As a family, if you cannot change locations during seasonal holidays, you can plan to meet with your close family friends and their families.

    You can plan to have breakfast or lunch together with these close family friends during the festive seasons in your house or a pre-arranged location. But, most times, this sort of meeting is best done at home.

    Have fun with your close family friends together with their family and children.

    As the year 2021 comes to an end and Christmas is in the air, have a merry holiday season with your family and friends. If you can, travel and spend some time with your family irrespective of how remote their location is. Meet with your friends and connect more. Above all, have a good reflection of your year and how everything took place. Devise progressive measures to start the new year and follow your timeline.

    Love yourself and your family. Love your people and people in general. It’s a great time to be alive.

    Keep dazzling even as you have a merry Christmas holiday! 

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