Relationships and social media: Which way?

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The social media craze to notify and inform people of the happenings in one’s life need to be tamed. Life is precious and also worth sharing, but this should be done with caution. This makes one ask how one can handle relationships, families and social media.


In all honesty, some things in life are meant to be private. So no matter the civilisation, technological advancement and the current trends per time, don’t lose sight of the fact that some aspect of your life is meant to be private.


On several social media platforms, you will see people x-raying their lives and giving you facts about their lives that are uncalled for. Some people do this for money, and some others do it for popularity. Some might even do it without understanding what they are getting themselves into.


Being on social media is not bad, but you need to mind the information regarding your family and relationships that you put out there. Remember, it’s not everyone that should have privy to your life.


For influencers who genuinely share information that helps other people improve their lives, well done and thank you. This is understandable as it is about passing information and helping others.


For people who pour out their lives on social media, please pause, reflect on it and ask yourself if you really have to. We are not condemning you, we are only calling your attention to your social media presence.


Some people specifically take pictures or make videos for social media. You don’t have to. Enjoy every moment of your life. Feel the pulse of the people around you and genuinely love and care for others without making a presence or statement out of it. Please take the below aspects of your life out of social media.

#1. Take your relationships out of social media


As simple as it sounds, please take your relationships out of social media. A romantic relationship, which is a private agreement between two adults, has no business online. Please take this personal aspect of your life offline.


You are not trying to impress anyone or prove a point that you love this particular person by exposing your lives out there. Note, some people who look all cuddled up online might be going through hell offline. So, by all means, let what is personal and private remain so.


Appreciate, help and encourage your friends, family members and colleagues privately. Let them feel your gesture without you putting it online. It is much better that way.

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    #2.    Take your marriages out of social media


    Marriage is a special institution that ought to be kept private. What happens in your home ought to stay in your home except for domestic violence.


    See marriage as a secret institution. Discuss, dialogue and trash out issues with your spouse privately. Also, empower, support, respect, love and care for your spouse. It is not every little quarrel that you post on social media. See a professional counsellor to help you resolve issues, than drag your spouse to social media.


    When things are going well in your marriage, rejoice, and when they are not, be patient with each other. In life-threatening situations, get out and seek help. Don’t seek to oppress other people with your “working” marriage. You will get the negative energy you seek, which can result in issues in your marriage later on.


    Please take your husband or wife out of social media.

    #3.    Take your children out of social media


    Please take your children out of social media. Let them decide when they are grown and equipped with proper knowledge of social media to go online by themselves.


    Your innocent children deserve their privacy. Yes, you might be excited to put their pictures or videos online, but have you thought about what they would prefer?

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    #4.    Take your family out of social media


    Family is everything and thus deserves to be respected and revered. So please take your family and your family issues out of social media.


    Be there for your family members offline, than come online and discuss them. Note; there is nothing wrong with liking and commenting on their posts. However, the essence of this article is for you to curtail your family information that you put out there.


    Love your family and have fun as a family. Only be mindful of the information you dish out to people online. Imagine someone thousands of miles away from you getting updated every now and then regarding your family. Please take your family out of social media.


    In conclusion, we as humans enjoy attention but beware when you have given out too much information about your life in pursuance of that attention. Jesus in Mark 9: 9 - 10 (The Holy Bible) said to his disciples, "when you go down the hill, keep quiet", which means that it is not everything, no matter how exciting or sad that you put out there.


    There are physical, spiritual and psychological dimensions to everyone. Don’t let your psychological aspect be negatively influenced or pressured unnecessarily by what you see or read out there. Instead, filter information and take in what can improve your life.

    "On several social media platforms, you will see people x-raying their lives and giving you facts about their lives that are uncalled for. Some people do this for money, and some others do it for popularity. "

    Also, don’t open up the spiritual aspects of your life and relationships to just anybody. Guard your inherent energy with all you have got! Keep your relationships out of social media. In the same way there is positive energy/vibes, there is also negative energy/vibes. Maintain your calmness and peace.


    Your power lies in the information you are able to contain. When it comes to your life, family, relationships and children, get the vital information about them out of social media. It’s not worth risking their lives out there. Imagine a total stranger telling your child to hand over the “expensive item” you got for them because they got that information from you on social media. Stop it, please. You are not in competition with anybody.


    Ponder on this: In the good old days, when people didn’t know much about one another’s family, relationships and issues, they had more peace. Boundaries were respected, and people genuinely cared. Also, the evil ones found it difficult to get certain information concerning a particular family or relationship. But now, evil is on the rise, the rate of divorce has increased, and fake people and fake lives are everywhere because they got hold of certain information about one’s life, family and relationships on a platter of gold —through you on social media!


    Countries, regions or continents, employers and some government parastatals have data protection policies that ensure what goes out there (accessible to the public) and what stays within. Even doctors abide by these rules too. So, figure out yours and have a huge chunk of your life private.


    Beware…Let’s dazzle while living our lives out of social media.

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