Infusing a sense of decency in our children (Part 1)

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Decency is a trait that we are fast losing in our world today. People tend to do and behave anyhow without a sense of who they are, and the ripple effects their actions have on the people around them and the future generation. This calls for an intentional approach to infusing a sense of decency in our children.


In the “good” old days, people were more considerate and cautious in their behaviour and mannerism. Adults and children were more decent, and that had a good outcome in the society. But nowadays, most things have gone haywire and turned upside down.

Infusing a sense of decency in our children is a critical action call for families, individuals and organisations at the moment. The need to restore decency in most aspects of our lives and society will help bridge the gap in the type of people we long to see in our society.


Certain indices are expected of a functional society when it comes to decency. Parents, guardians, families and the government will have to work together in raising the next generation of people that will move the society or country forward.

Where decency is lacking, there is bound to be serious negative side effects to the level of indecency in operation in such a place.

Indecency is not to be joked with or played down on. The reasons include;

  1. Damage to the child’s behaviour and life.
  2. Stalled growth in terms of career
  3. Sexual assault
  4. Character flaws
  5. Other ill vices

Below are some of the places decency needs to be restored in our children and the society at large.

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    #1.    Dressing decently

    We need to teach our children to dress decently. Children are a reflection of their homes. Families need to get it right. Let your daughter know and understand that wearing a bum short that is indeed very short and exposes her butt is classified as indecent. Also, let your son know and understand that the sagging of trousers, sometimes up to the knee makes no sense.

    Indecent is indecent period. There are no two ways about it. We need to start telling ourselves the truth. Dressing the way one wants to be addressed is unapologetically non-negotiable, and this saying has stood the test of time. Be decent and dress well. You will be accorded all the accolade and respect that is due to you by simply dressing well.


    As parents and guardians, we must model this at home for our children to learn and also get used to it. It is hard enough to become what one has seen, not to talk of that which one hasn’t seen.

    Peradventure they decide to dress indecently having seen you model decent dressing to them, they will know somewhere in their core that they have been thought otherwise, and the likelihood of them making a U-turn in the future is high.  

    There are side effects to indecent dressing. Rape, sexual harassment, lies, character defamation and others are some of the resultant side effects of this menace. Parents and children need to know and understand this.

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    #2.    Sense of character

    We need to infuse a sense of good character in our children. One is defined by their character and behaviour. He who lacks good character and behaves irrationally can also be tagged indecent.

    People tend to dissociate themselves from people that lack good character. While growing up, my parents warned me of other children that misbehaved a lot and lacked good character. They did this because they didn’t want me to turn out so. They wanted me to reflect on the good character they have infused in me for others to learn and enjoy.

    "Infusing a sense of decency in our children is a critical action call for families, individuals and organisations at the moment. The need to restore decency in most aspects of our lives and society will help bridge the gap in the type of people we long to see in our society."

    Parents and guardians, please there is a need for a good and decent sense of character to be infused into the children. We are raising our future generation and they need to be properly trained. Also, while raising and infusing a decent character sense in them, remember to watch out for their associations. Spots the ones that are a threat to your kids and gently discuss dissociation with such people with them.

    As you have or desire to have children, remember that there is work that needs to be done in raising them. Please make out time and raise your children. You can’t possibly have two very busy parents or both parents working full time and the kids are left to grow on their own without proper grooming and watchful eyes. Please plan to roll up your sleeves when the time comes and infuse a decent sense of character in your children. It pays off and with time, you will be happy you did.

    [To be continued]

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