Instilling security consciousness in your children (Part 1)

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Over the years, insecurity issues have risen beyond my comprehension. Human beings have resorted to all manner of illicit acts just to make a few rectangular pieces of paper —money. It gets me wondering what the whole fuss is all about. Have we lost our conscience and soul to the devil? Has the love for material things, fame and superfluous luxury taken over us in such a dimension that we don’t know where to draw the line between good and bad/evil?


Instilling security consciousness in your kids has never been much needed as in the times we are living now. People, especially children, are being kidnapped for either blood rituals, organ harvesting or several other ill desires.


 The statistics of missing children in America alone is alarming. But, by the time you sum up the numbers in all the countries across the globe, you will be amazed and disturbed if there's still human conscience in this world.

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    Day by day, these evil-doers keep modifying their tactics. So, what can families do to keep their cute little loved ones safer? How do you instil security consciousness in your children? In as much as the magnanimity of these threats are beyond parents, it is still better to have some security measures in place than having none.


    First, I will encourage all parents to have at least a good relationship with their children. This relationship will make them listen and follow your instructions before it’s too late. Please love your children enough to work with them in achieving this safety goal.


    Below are some of the ways to keep your children alert as you instil security consciousness in them.

    #1.    Handling strangers


    While growing up, greeting elders or adults was important as it was perceived as a sign of respect. But now, with a lot of people not respecting themselves or their ages anymore, you are better off instructing your child not to talk to strangers on the road.


    While a child might harmlessly want to greet an adult on his or her way, the child might be enticed with something else, which might lead to a kidnapping.


    Also, instruct your children not to talk to any strange adults on their way. Even the adults that they know, they shouldn’t stop to talk with them but rather continue walking while saying hello. You never can tell the intentions of any man per time. Prevention is far better than cure.


    These evil people might disguise themselves as ordinary people looking for an address or landmark in a particular area just to swoop the children when they stop and get talking to them.


    Learning how to handle strangers is very critical to your child’s safety.

    #2.    Teach them contentment early


    As a parent or guardian, you need to be a contented person in order to teach that to your children. So please endeavour to teach your children contentment to avoid them being lured by things they so desire.


    Contentment is a virtue your child needs to learn early in life. Children need to understand that contentment can sometimes save their lives without them knowing it. For instance, a well-raised and contented child won’t be able to pick up money or other items off the ground that doesn’t belong to him or her.

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     #3.    Have a password/sentence with them


    Security consciousness is a serious issue. Hence, the need to teach your children to be watchful. You can develop a password or pass-sentence with them.


    The same way you secure your valuables with passwords, have one with your children and only deploy it when needful. For instance, if you cannot make it to pick them up and someone has to do that for you, you have to give them a passcode that will enable your child to follow them, knowing that you sent such a person.


    Again, you can have two or more passwords for you and your children to be hundred per cent sure. For instance, if someone is after your children and manages to get you and under duress, you give them one password, without the full two or more passwords or sentences, your child will not let anyone into the house or follow anyone.


    Develop a password and review it with them from time-to-time peradventure they mention it to anyone.

    di-instilling security consciousness in children 7
    #4.    Let them know emergency lines to call


    Please let your children know the emergency lines or codes in your city or country. It is very important.


    If your children are already in their teens and perhaps have phones, please let them be sure of the emergency lines to ring when in trouble. Your children will only access help when they have sought one.


    For instance, they can easily engage emergency response service when someone is about to intrude into the house before they are being taken. This will at least give the response team a hint in looking for them. Remember the movie “Taken", I encourage every parent to watch that movie. The teenage girl managed to alert the father and gave him some details before she was taken.

    "People, especially children, are being kidnapped for either blood rituals, organ harvesting or several other ill desires."
    #5.    Prepare them for alternative options  


    When you’re not around or run late, prepare your children for alternative options before you are gone. These will include who to contact just in case things don’t go as planned, how to handle situations and where to find some documents as well.


    If they will be at your neighbours, have a document to this effect depending on your relationship with this neighbour, though. You might also want to notify someone else about your children being at your neighbour’s just in case something happens to you along the way.


    It pays to be more careful, especially while arranging for alternative care options for your children.


    (to be continued)


    Let's keep dazzling in raising our children.

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