The financially independent man and woman in marriage (Part 2)

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Here is a continuation of the list highlighting some of the areas to guide your financial independency as an individual and as a couple.

#4.     Agree on how to handle relatives

As a couple, you need to agree on how to handle your relatives from both sides. It is a welcome idea to support your siblings who truly need financial assistance. However, this shouldn’t be done in secrecy or without the prior knowledge of your spouse.

A married woman once said that she doesn’t give out money without the knowledge of her husband. According to her, one time, she gave her brother money for something without telling her husband. Unfortunately, it coincided with the month she and her husband give financial assistance either to a charity organisation or to a family member in dire need of the money. The husband upon hearing her brother’s predicament decided that he gets the money. It was at this moment that it dawned on her that some families, out of secrecy could be sending money twice for a single purpose to their loved ones. While the family member rejoices, the couple could be torn apart for lack of synergy in their finances.

Well, she eventually told her husband that she already paid for her brother’s needs, and they both agreed and reassured each that they would be more transparent about their financial issues.

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    Situations like this could lead to serious issues in marriages. Guard your home. Dialogue and agree with your spouse.

    Third-party issues like that of relatives should be handled with care. Never let any of your relatives cause problems in your home. Don’t end up giving double of what you could have normally given out of secrecy.

    #5.    Agree on other responsibilities as they arise

    As a family, unplanned issues and responsibilities arise sometimes. Stand and stay together with your spouse and decide on who handles what. Support each other. Agree on responsibilities as they arise. If you have an account for family projects, then work together, be in sync and execute your project together.

    "A financially independent man and woman with a good mindset will be unstoppable in the affairs of their home. They will achieve a lot together.

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    You and your spouse are a team. Never see each other as rivals. Your monies belong to both of you. Work in agreement and enjoy your home.

    The financially independent man and woman in marriage_1
    "Being financially independent in a marriage doesn’t mean you should be reckless with your spending"
    #6.    Agree on bills, purchases and home set-up/run

    Some spouses just don’t bother about how the bills are paid, as well as how items or gadgets at home are purchased. Even if you are not working or you are the shy and quiet type, make an input when you guys are purchasing items. Be smart. Say your mind and don’t keep mute because you are not contributing financially to your family.


    Agree on bills. Work with the financial resources available in your family per time and build on that. Dialogue and agreement are the keys to better family teamwork.

    #7.    Perspective and mindset change

    People’s perspectives and mindsets on financial independence differ. Couples sometimes find themselves struggling to agree and work together in certain areas of their lives due to their individual preconceived notion of things.

    Have the mindset to be financially independent. Let prudence and good decisions lead and guard your home.

    Once you start raising a family, you have to do away with some selfish and childish mindset and embrace an inclusion mindset. This will help you accommodate your spouse’s views on issues.

    The financially independent man and woman in marriage_1

    A financially independent man and woman with a good mindset will be unstoppable in the affairs of their home. They will achieve a lot together.

    Agreement is the first principle in working together. Ensure you agree with your spouse on issues before execution. Your family will be in much better shape when you work in love, understanding and agreement.

    Let’s continue to dazzle in our homes and families.

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