Baby food: caring for your cute little one

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Babies are a special set of people. They bring so much joy as well as give the same. They deserve to be loved, pampered, and well-taken care of.


In grocery stores, there are different kinds of already-made foods for babies from four months and above. When you see these foods having six months or one-year shelf-life, it makes you wonder what these cute little ones are eating. Without some kind of preservatives, these foods will definitely not last that long.

Breastfeeding and fresh homemade baby meals are always the best options for any baby. Yes, these foods come in handy and seem to serve a purpose, but parents, especially mothers, shouldn’t solely depend on these foods for their cute little ones.

Busy parents and working moms should make out time to care for their little ones. Cook their meals, store the homemade food in fridges and freezers and warm or heat up the small quantity needed per time. This way is healthier and better than depending solely on store-bought, already-made foods.

There are several meal options for babies online. Check them out and inculcate them into your plan. Below are a few suggestions.  

#1.    Carbohydrate-based food and veggies

Most babies, from six months, start eating solid foods. Some babies even start as early as four months. For this stage of your baby’s growth, carbohydrate base foods and veggies are great for the baby. 

Ensure to speak with your child’s doctor to determine the best time to introduce solid foods to him or her. When that is established, cook and blend some nice carbohydrate base foods and veggies for your baby.

You can cook Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, ripe and unripe plantains, or rice with assorted veggies such as carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, peas, green beans, onions, etc., and blend when it has cooled down and serve your baby.

Sweet potato recipe

Two medium-sized sweet potatoes

Assorted veggies


Pinch of salt

One tablespoon of vegetable oil

**dice the potatoes, add all the ingredients to a pot, add water, and bring to boil. When cooked after 15 – 20 minutes, let it cool down before blending it in batches. Your yummy sweet potatoes baby food is ready**. 

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    #2.    Protein-rich food

    Protein-rich foods such as one with meat are good for your baby. Depending on your child’s health situation and developmental milestones, proteins are generally good for your baby. But, again, enquire from your doctor before giving your baby anything. 

    Turkey meat, chicken and beef can be added to any baby food recipe. Ensure to cook the meat until it is well cooked before dicing and adding it to a recipe such as the above sweet potato one. The above recipe is both meat-eating and vegan friendly.

    #3.    Fruits & smoothies

    Fruits are a source of essential vitamins for your baby. Use fruits available in your location to make fruit puree or smoothies for your baby.

    Bananas can be mashed with a fork and given to a baby. Also, other fruits such as apples, pears, watermelon, grapes, paw-paw, honey melon, strawberries, and blackberries can be blended together into smoothies or separately and given to a baby.

    A fruit portion a day is great for your baby. This is, by far, better than any multivitamin supplement. Ensure your baby, depending on individual circumstances, gets a fruit portion a day from four or six months.

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    #4.    Finger food or snacks

    Baby finger foods or snacks can also be made at home. For example, Sugar-free baked snacks with oat flour, mashed bananas or a blend of fruits mixed with the flour and cut into small portions and baked can serve as finger food for your baby starting from ten months.

    Since it is a snack, you can also grab a sugar-free pack from the store. If your baby likes any particular one, check the listed ingredients and try to make it at home for your cute little one. Remember, it is about presenting a healthier option to your baby.

    "Busy parents and working moms should make out time to care for their little ones. Cook their meals, store the homemade food in fridges and freezers and warm or heat up the small quantity needed per time."
    #5.    Cereals 

    Oat cereal is also a good food for your baby as it is fibre-rich. I introduced oat cereal to my baby at eight months after the doctor said he was good to eat anything food I gave him. So, I then introduced oat cereal to him, and he loved it.

    Cook a handful of oats in a low to medium heat until very soft and mashie. Depending on the quantity, add some infant formula milk and serve your baby.

    With time, you can add mashed bananas or blended strawberries to this recipe and give your baby a yummy and rich homemade food.

    Many moms, especially those working and those with other children, may find it difficult to make or give their babies homemade foods due to time constraints. This is understandable, but we encourage you to try and make out time to cook for your little one.

    We believe there are no substitutes for homemade foods—endeavour to cook your food and those of your children at home. Not only is it healthier, but you are also sure of the nutrients and ingredients. 

    Hygiene is a great deal when it comes to food. For baby foods cooked at home, you are sure and can testify to the hygienic condition of your home.

    Let’s put in a little more effort into caring for these little ones by cooking their food. Don’t forget to dazzle while at it.

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