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Helpful breastfeeding tips for new moms!

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Congratulations on beginning your breastfeeding journey! If you haven't already discovered, breastfeeding is incredible for both mom and baby (or babies). Despite this fact, beginning your breastfeeding journey can be difficult. Here are some helpful breastfeeding tips to help make your new experience even better.

Here are 6 helpful breastfeeding tips for new moms:
#1.    Feed on demand

The amazing thing about breastfeeding is that your body produces exactly what your baby needs. Respond to your body and baby’s instinct by feeding your baby as he or she asks. In the beginning, this may seem constant!

About every two hours, your baby will most likely request to feed. This may happen more often if your baby is cluster-feeding (i.e. when your baby has several feedings close together during a certain period of time – often in the late afternoon or evening). Just know that as your baby continues to get older you will develop a more predictable breastfeeding schedule!

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    #2.    Stay hydrated

    Staying hydrated is one of my top helpful breastfeeding tips for new moms! Water is life. It is one of the most important substance on Earth. Also, it is one of the most important components in our body. Water isn't just good for physical health; it is also beneficial for our mental health and breastmilk production.

    Breastmilk is made of 88% water. You'll probably notice you're thirstier when breastfeeding. Listen to your body, and be sure to keep yourself hydrated.

    Tips for staying hydrated:
    • Purchase a stylish reusable water bottle to motivate yourself to drink water
    • Have a water challenge with family or friends
    • Track your water intake on an Apple watch, Fit Bit, or other fitness devices
    • Always keep water with you - everywhere you go
    • Try adding fruit or mint to your water to give it a flavour boost
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    #3.    Stay nourished

    Did you know breastfeeding can burn an extra 500 calories?! Keeping yourself nourished while breastfeeding is imperative to keeping up your breastmilk supply and keeping up your energy.  

    As a new mom, sleep deprivation is extremely common. Give your body the energy it needs to feed your baby by making sure you're staying nourished.

    Tips for staying nourished:
    • Don't skip meals
    • Meal-plan to make mealtimes easier
    • Prepare easy snacks to grab and go
    • Allow family and friends to bring food or cook meals
    • Indulge in leftovers
    • Check out these breastfeeding superfoods!

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    #4.    Reset when you get frustrated

    As a new mom, learning to breastfeed can be frustrating. Remember that you and your baby are both learning from each other. While breastfeeding is the most natural form of feeding, that doesn't mean everything clicks automatically. You'll need to continuously adjust until you and your baby get into a rhythm. Until then, give yourself grace!

    Your baby is extremely intuitive. They can sense your anxiety, stress, and other emotions. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a moment to unlatch your baby and reset.

    Tips to rid frustration while breastfeeding:
    • Unlatch your baby and take a deep breath
    • Try a nipple shield if you're struggling with latching
    • Change your breastfeeding position
    • Switch to the other breast
    • Change your scenery by going to another room
    • Do not be afraid to place your baby down or give him/her to your partner and step away for a moment
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    "Your body is producing exactly the right amount of nutrients for your baby to grow. How phenomenal is that?"
    #5.    Put away your phone and take it in

    When breastfeeding on-demand, every two to three hours, reaching for your cell phone (mobile phone) or a book while nursing is common.

    One helpful breastfeeding tip for new moms is to put your phone away and take in the breastfeeding experience. Every once in a while, look down at your baby and marvel at the incredible work your body is doing. Your body is producing exactly the right amount of nutrients for your baby to grow. How phenomenal is that?

    Your little one won't be young forever. Before you know it, your baby will be running, jumping, climbing, and exploring their independence. While you're breastfeeding, remove the distractions and capture the memories of the experience.

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    #6.    Recognize breastfeeding is more than just feeding your baby

    Studies show breastfeeding not only has physical benefits for mom and baby but psychological benefits as well.

    Other benefits of breastfeeding:
    • Bonding
    • Releasing oxytocin, also called the "love hormone"
    • Promoting a sense of comfort
    • Reassurance

    When you're breastfeeding, you're creating a bond that will last for years to come. Enjoy every moment.

    "The amazing thing about breastfeeding is that your body produces exactly what your baby needs. Respond to your body and baby’s instinct by feeding your baby as he or she asks. "
    Helpful-breastfeeding-tips-for-new mom-dazzling-Insights-1
    In conclusion...

    As a new mom, breastfeeding can be difficult. In fact, only 25% of moms continue breastfeeding for the first six months of their baby's life. Despite its difficulty, however, breastfeeding is incredibly rewarding for both mom and baby.

    Be sure to try these helpful tips to encourage a healthy breastfeeding relationship! Keep dazzling as you perform this amazing task.


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