Tips for settling into a new neighbourhood

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Moving and resettling in another place outside one's birth place is part of life. People can move living locations for many reasons including: crises, changes in our societies, seeking greener pastures, taking up a new job, wars, etc. In our world today, people are increasing moving from one location to another. To relocate to another city or town also requires a house/an apartment move. Whether it is from one rental property to another or from a rental property to your own property or vice versa, what remains constant is that there is a move from one location to another. Often, this house move involves moving from one neighbourhood to the other.

As you move into a new neighbourhood, please do not forget that we as humans are better off living as interdependent human beings than building walls of isolation to cage our lives in. We all depend on one another in one form or the other, in a very simplified term, ‘we all need each other to survive’. Therefore, it is very important to first seek a liberal relationship with any one that crosses your path, especially when you find yourself in a new space. Second, it is useful to imbibe a great principle and culture of ‘Ubuntu’ in your daily living believing ‘we exist because we are’.

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    Let me unwrap some of the advantages of relating well with people around you, especially where you live. Here are some of the advantages that you stand to gain.

    1. Access to relevant and beneficial information.
    2. Getting help when in need and giving help when other people are in need. Especially in an emergency situation.
    3. Having people, you can call on when you are sick or incapable to act.
    4. Getting help with baby-sitting at different levels.
    5. For social interactions and an escape from loneliness. Note loneliness kills more than all diseases put together.

    Now, if you just moved into a new neighbourhood, how should you settle into this neighbourhood? Or what are the things that you need to do to settle in well in such neighbourhood? Your move to a new neighbourhood might connect you to new house neighbours, roommate(s), co-tenants, etc.

    Here are some powerful tips that will help you to settle into your new residence and neighbourhood without any issues.

    #1.    Introduce yourself to your new neighbours

    When you move into a new neighbourhood, it is advisable to introduce yourself properly to your neighbours, co-tenants, roommates, etc.

    "Endeavour to know your neighbours and let them know you too. They are your secondary family in the scheme of things."

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    #2.    Organise a short party and house call

    When you settle into a new neighbourhood, it is a good idea to plan a short party to welcome a couple of people in your area. This sort of occasion can be used to familiarise yourself with the happenings in your neighbourhood. If a little party is cumbersome for you, you can make house calls to the people around you. Make your favourite snacks or cakes if possible. There is always love in sharing. The aim is to know your neighbourhood as much as possible. 

    "Whether it is from one rental property to another or from a rental property to your own property or vice versa, what remains constant is that there is a move from one location to another. "
    #3.    Go out of your way to help people in your neighbourhood

    Another way that can help you to settle well into a new neighbourhood, is by going out of your way to help people around your new residence (if necessary).

    This can range from gardening, cleaning of the walk way/stairwell (if you are sharing one), baby-sitting, you can give help with fixing furniture, help in organising their house parties/get together. Instant helps such as helping an elderly person with their bags, walking chairs.

    #4.    Exchange contacts with your neighbours

    Do well to exchange your contacts with your new people in your circle, this will include your emails and phone numbers. I know some people are concerned with data protection policies, no worries, ask for their permission first before exchanging contacts. On the flip side, please keep every contact to yourself only unless with a special permission for you to share it.

    #5.    Let them know your few friends/regular place(s) in case of an emergency

    It is always good to let the people you are living with or people around you to know your few friends and relatives in case of an emergency. Emergency can range from health issue, accidents, fire incidence, an attack of any kind, etc.

    #6.    Make friends with them

    Friendship can open many doors. Be friendly to your neighbours, roommates and co-tenants. You never can tell when your friendship will save you or make a way for you.

    Settling into a new neighbourhood might seem cumbersome, especially if you are the shy type. But it is always worth it to know the people you live with or will be spending a chunk of your life with.

    Endeavour to know your neighbours and let them know you too. They are your secondary family in the scheme of things. Enjoy the communal vibes in your community and participate in the events happening around.

    Are there other tips you think can help someone settle in a new neighbourhood? Drop your ideas in the comment section. Let’s continue to dazzle in our families and relationships.  

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