Character traits to check before getting into a romantic relationship

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There are character checks one must do before getting into a romantic relationship. Getting into a relationship is a beautiful thing. Loving someone and being loved back is a blessing. As a matter of fact, that is how it is supposed to be. When the early glitters of love wade down, it is a sound character that sustains the love in a relationship.

In life, there will always be romantic relationships between men and women. The human race needs this relationship for its existence. Therefore, before you get into one, do your checks and be very sure of the person you are falling in love with.

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    Human beings are full of wonders. Lies, personal insecurity, and fake affection are some of the attributes you find in some people, hence the need to fall in love with a reasonable, honest and caring person.

    Someone’s character is one of the determining factors that make him or her attractive to be in a relationship with. As a dazzling reader, ensure to check the few listed points in yourself and the person you want to get into a romantic relationship with.

    #1.    Obsession and personal insecurity

    Obsession is a terrible thing. When someone is obsessed with you, it spells danger. Some people might see this as a lovely thing, but in reality, it is not. Personal insecurity sometimes goes hand in hand with obsession.

    Someone who is insecure would want you to be or act in a certain way to chill himself or herself. You should run away from people who are not secure in themselves. If you don’t, you will lose yourself at some point while trying to please this sort of person.

    "Loving someone and being loved back is a blessing. As a matter of fact, that is how it is supposed to be."

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    Obsession can make some people kill themselves or even you over a trivial issue or suspense. Again, these sorts of people believe in the phrase “if I can’t have you, no one else will”. Please check yourself for this sort of tendency and get rid of them before falling in love with someone. Also, run away from people like this. You might just be saving your life by excusing yourself from a romantic relationship that your partner has this sort of tendency.

    The worst part of obsession and personal insecurity is that it makes you suspect your partner even when they are innocent. You get worked up for nothing. When you see them with people, especially the opposite sex, you embarrass them and yourself due to your personal insecurity and obsession.

    Genuine love is hardly present or sustained in this sort of relationship. If this describes you, work on yourself and/or excuse yourself from a relationship. This is to prevent harm in your relationship. Please whatever you do, ensure not to harm other people.

    di_Marriage is universal
    "Obsession can make some people kill themselves or even you over a trivial issue or suspense. Again, these sorts of people believe in the phrase 'if I can’t have you, no one else will'"
    #2.    Anger and resentment

    In the heat of anger, a lot could go wrong including death. In the process of getting to know the person you want to be in a relationship with, check that he or she is not prone to anger easily.

    Any person that gets angry easily, overreacts and beats over the slightest thing is worth crosschecking properly, and more importantly ditched before getting yourself into a serious problem you will regret if you are still alive.


    Some people have destroyed their relationships and even marriages due to anger and resentment issues, some others have also murdered their partners or caused irreversible damage to them.

    Check yourself please, if you are this type of a person, go for counselling, and change for the better before getting into a relationship. Also, ensure your partner-to-be is not so.

    DI_Benefits of early marriage
    #3.    Insatiable desires

    When a person has insatiable desires, he or she finds it extremely difficult to keep a thing or even someone. People like this often keep wanting more than you or anyone else can give them.

    Contentment is a virtue and a core character attribute that anyone you want to be in a relationship with should have. When a person lacks contentment, he or she will hardly appreciate what they have and, in this case, also “you”.

    di_Marriage is universal_2

    A discontented person is not one whom you would be happy to date or marry. If this character flaw describes you, please learn how to be contented as it will impact your life and your relationship. You can also teach your partner if they are willing to learn and if not you may perhaps excuse yourself from the relationship.

    Let’s continue to dazzle in our relationship and marriages.

    To be continued…

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