Baby food: caring for your cute little one

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Babies are a special set of people. They bring so much joy as well as give the same. They deserve to be loved, pampered, and well-taken care of.   In …


How to discipline your children without yelling

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Children are precious gifts presented to parents to nurture into greatness. As parents, we have the responsibility to raise our children to maximise their potentials in life. Children are wonderful …


How to care for a sick family member

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Sickness is not something that anyone desires for oneself or his/her family members, but life happens. People get sick with different types of illnesses and at varying durations. Regardless of …


Is it a boy or a girl? Does it matter? Who cares…?

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Pregnancy comes with joy, and sometimes, with mixed feelings for some couples. After the realisation of the pregnancy, comes other questions – when are we expecting? What are we expecting? …


Caring for your ageing parents and other family members

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Parents and other family members are precious gifts that we have. Life sure starts and ends in a family. Hence, the need for us to look after each other, beginning …


Dealing with the news of your child’s disability

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The birth of a child into any home is usually received with great joy and celebration. The once-pregnant mother heaves a sigh of relief, having ended the nine months’ journey …

How to effectively build a successful long-distance relationship

How to effectively build a successful long-distance relationship

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Are you in a long-distance relationship, and you are wondering if it’s going to work? Are you unsure if you could commit yourself to a long-distance relationship? Or perhaps, you …