Grieving the loss of a family member when you are away from home

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Losing a sibling can be very traumatic. The pain you feel when someone you share your bloodline with passes on is indescribable. The loss of any family member, be it …


Are you widowed? You can still raise your kids and do well too!

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In life, people pass on, not just due to the pandemic but also due to other causes. Illnesses, accidents, violence like wars, dispute, domestic violence, different forms of stress, or …


How to care for a sick family member

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Sickness is not something that anyone desires for oneself or his/her family members, but life happens. People get sick with different types of illnesses and at varying durations. Regardless of …


My friend is bereaved —how should I comfort him/her?

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“Daniel* just got off the phone with me and he passed on a very devastating news that he just lost both of his parents and a cousin in a fatal …


Dealing with the loss of a loved one

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My day started as a typical day and off to work I went. In the afternoon while at work, I got a call that my one and only sister had …