Moving forward as a family in 2022

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Moving forward as a family involves having a fresh start after a deep reflection of the past. The year 2021 is over, and 2022 has just started. This might be a great time for families to move forward and make real progress.


It’s that time of the year when people make new year resolutions that might not last the a few days, but this article is definitely not about that. Rather, it is about the lifestyle changes and adjustments a family needs to make in order to move forward and make tremendous progress.


For some families, moving forward might mean forgiving one another, turning a new chapter in their lives, while some others might involve making adjustments to improve the overall functionality of the family. At whatever stage your family is in, there is always room for improvement.


To move forward as a family and make tremendous progress, you will have to do the following.

#1. Be disciplined


Nothing gets done until you work it out. Ubong King, a great motivational speaker, once said, “nothing gets started until you start”. This means that as a family, you will have to be disciplined to achieve the goals that you have set for the family.


Weigh your options, make adjustments were necessary and decide on the way forward for the family. Once you have done this, stand your ground to follow the pattern you have decided on. This is discipline. You have to keep at it even when it seems uncomfortable. You will smile at the end when you have achieved your goals.


Please discipline yourself enough as a family to achieve your goals this year. One thing is to have plans, but another thing is the execution of those plans. To bring your plans to fruition, you need to be disciplined.

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    #2. Be focused and stay focused


    Focus cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to achieving plans and goals. Hence, to move forward as a family, you have to be focused on your plans and goals individually and collectively.


    Get rid of the distractions around you, devote more time to reading and getting the right information you need to get to where you are going as a family. Sometimes, we underestimate the level of distractions and time-wasting activities we engage in. Unfortunately, some of these activities make us lose our focus on the main picture.


    Organise yourself and your family, cut out unnecessary things, and focus on your family’s plans and goals.

    #3. Work together –teamwork


    Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? (The Holy Bible, Amos 3:3) There has to be a team spirit for a family to move forward and function better. Delayed progress is certain when a family lacks harmony and togetherness.


    Working together as a family has its benefits. Everyone gets involved in achieving the common goal. The aim here is to have a good distribution of labour, which helps the family function optimally. There won’t be substantial results if the workload of the family is on one person.


    Imbibe team spirit, work together as a family, have a division of labour and perform as a team.

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    #4.    Be open and open-minded


    For a family to move forward and make progress, it shouldn’t function in secrecy. Be very open in your family affairs. Have an open mind too. With an open mind, you will be able to embrace changes and make adjustments where necessary in your lives.


    There is no sense in doing things secretly in your family. Instead, discuss matters with your spouse, reach an agreeable point and execute your plans and goals based on agreement.


    Enjoy your marriage and home by being open in all areas of your life. Openness builds trust, solidifies the bond between you and your spouse, and also aids communication and the relationships between you and your spouse.


    Be very open and as well, have an open mind.

    "But moving forward in the right direction should be properly planned out. Endeavour to work together with your family and make tremendous progress while doing so. "
    #5. Sustain the love & peace in your home


    Love keeps the family going. But, of course, love and other factors brought you together in the first place, so this love should be sustained irrespective of how old the family is. Continue to love and appreciate your spouse through different times and seasons irrespective of what you encounter as a family.


    Again, the home is where peace should be resident permanently. Don’t let misunderstandings, conflicts and chaos rub you of this peace. Settle issues amicably, resolve matters as they occur so as to maintain peace and serenity in your home.


    Sustain the love and peace in your home. Without doing this, there will be disagreements that may lead to the truncation of the family’s goals and plans and even the family’s co-existence.


    Let peace and love reign in your home.


    #6. Encourage each other


    Everyone needs some form of encouragement to thrive and do better. So, in a family setting, encouragement is much needed by every member of the family.


    Parents need to encourage their children to do great in their chosen careers. Spouses should also encourage each other to do and become better as well.


    Encouragement from loved ones, especially within the family circle, can go a long way in boosting self-confidence in the members of the family.


    As a family, moving forward is certain. But moving forward in the right direction should be properly planned out. Endeavour to work together with your family and make tremendous progress while doing so. Carry your spouse and children along in everything you do.


    Let’s continue to dazzle in our families in 2022.

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