Some roles of a stay-home spouse

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Stay-home spouses or parents who are not working have a huge role to play in keeping the family going. To a great extent, these roles fall on the shoulders of the women, that is why there are greater numbers of stay-home moms than stay-home dads.

Oftentimes, stay-home spouses are the lifeline of any given family. Hence, don’t be ashamed to be a stay-home mom or dad. Yes, it can be very difficult at times to be earning nothing or less, but the love and time you have poured or have to pour into your family’s well-being are worth the sacrifice.


Two working-and-very-busy parents hardly have the time to raise their children the way they would have loved to. They end up relying on their domestic staff to assist them with the upbringing of their children which is still okay. They only need to ensure that the domestic staff they employ for this duty, possesses the right values they would like to see in their children.


The role of the stay-home spouse includes but is not limited to the following listed points.

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    #1.    Daily run-around (laundry, cleaning, etc)


    As a stay-home spouse, the daily running of the house rests on you. You get to do the laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. These duties ensure your family is well taken care of. Imagine a deficit in any of the duties mentioned, your family will be thrown off-balance.


    Sometimes, a working spouse might underestimate the amount of work the stay-home spouse puts into the family. This might cause conflict sometimes, but it takes knowledge and understanding to overcome this sort of issue in families.


    When you understand that your family needs you in all ramifications, you will calm down and play your role well for the period of time that you need to.

    "Give yourself and your family what you all need to thrive. It’s great for one person to step down and spend some time raising the children."

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    #2.    General family well-being


    A stay-home spouse is oftentimes the go-to person for guidance and emotional balance issues. As a homemaker, build your home and ensure you put measures in place to enhance your family’s well-being.


    Being a stay-home spouse shouldn’t make you forget yourself or lose yourself to parenthood. Upgrade through reading for example to keep yourself updated mentally in order to render your duties diligently.


    Expect your children and spouse to rely on you for guidance and succour to function properly. This is why you need to keep upgrading yourself in any little way and time that you have to be all these and some more. And yes, you can. You can join platforms like Dazzling Insights and the momconversation on Instagram to get support as you carry on with your parenting duties.

    The financially independent man and woman in marriage_1
    "Two working-and-very-busy parents hardly have the time to raise their children the way they would have loved to."
    #3.    School runs


    School runs are always the nightmare of parents. From the thoughts to the planning to the execution, it takes a lot. As a stay-home mom or dad, prime yourself to do school runs daily, both in and out of season.


    You can work together with your working spouse to ensure your school runs go smoothly. The stay-home spouse can prepare the kids for school, while the working spouse drops off the kids at school. The main thing is to come up with what works for your home, even if it doesn’t involve your working spouse.


    The cleaning, cooking, school runs and others are all interconnected. None is a separate entity. Ensure your kids are always on time for school as well as appear neat. You’ve got this!

    #4.    Kid’s extra-curricular activities


    Most countries have extra-curricular activities for kids. You want your children to grow up with as much knowledge and understanding as possible. Engaging them in some of the extra-curricular activities will help your children immensely.


    One of the roles of a stay-home spouse also involves handling your children’s extra-curricular activities. It makes sense for your children to grab as many life-sustaining skills as possible. These skills include swimming, piano lessons, music lessons, technical skills etc.


    A stay-home spouse can do pick-ups and drop-offs for the kids to do their training as well as help them emotionally to develop around any extra-curricular activity of their choice.

    #5.    Spouse care


    Spouses ought to look after each other. Caring for your spouse is the basic rule of relationships and marriages.


    Genuinely care for your spouse whether he or she is working or not. Work together with your spouse to ensure a continuous smooth running of your home.


    Let love and harmony lead and guide your home and relationship with your spouse. Appreciate each other’s contribution to the family and seek for ways to make your spouse feel your love and care for him or her.


    The roles stay-home spouses play are enormous. But you can do it. Family is everything. Give yourself and your family what you all need to thrive. It’s great for one person to step down and spend some time raising the children. If this is not possible for you, do what works for your family. We want to see you thrive and raise responsible children.


    Let’s continue to dazzle in our homes and families.

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