The past doesn’t have to mirror the future: rewriting your family’s History

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“Thinking about what you think about 1 is one of the most profound yet challenging ways to build a better life, become a better person, and change the past of …


Understanding healthy and effective communication in relationships

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Almost everyone can talk, but not everyone can communicate effectively. Some people find verbal expression enjoyable, while some use fewer words when expressing emotions, feelings, desires or values. I have …


Why you should prioritise family life over work life!

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In our society today, where there is so much demand for productivity, improved standard of living, living with advanced technologies, social media craziness, latest fashion trends, impressing people that don’t …


Dealing with negative pressures (and stress) in life

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I know for sure that life is NOT a FAIRY TALE, and I’m sure you do as well. Imagine what you have to deal with daily —the need to make …


Being a career woman, mother and wife: tips from my daily experiences

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The life of a woman is an interesting one. Very very interesting, yet demanding. Especially a woman that chooses to be responsible. Being responsible could mean having a career, raising …

How to build TRUST in your professional relationships

How to build TRUST in your professional relationships

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Professional relationships are very important in our day-to-day working life and career development. I do not need to emphasise that we all thrive and grow based on our relationships (network). …